Geeking Out All Day

There are certain days Geeklings where it’s just fantastic to live in the geek community. You know what I’m talking about, right? One of those days that you’re already excited about because there’s something specifically geared to your sense of geekiness coming out that day, and then something magical happens. The geek flood gates open and a barrage of geekiness comes flowing out, almost drowning you in it’s awesomeness. Today has been one of those days and each reveal has felt like Christmas morning. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but each reveal had me jumping up and down pointing at my screen or giggling like a lunatic while saying things like “oooooooh shit” followed by more giggles.

It all started this morning, around 5:45 to be exact, when I woke up to study for that test I had to take today (for those of you interested, I feel like I did pretty well with it). Naturally, before I started looking over my flash cards (cards used for studying not to break down last night’s Flash season finale) I went on Faceyspace to see what was going on in the world. Apparently it was time for a new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer and it took my tired brain a minute to register this fact. I saw the ad on the Marvel page and was like, “oh Spider-Man, that’s cool”… followed by a pause, a flick back to the Marvel page, and the realization that this was a new trailer. Move over studying because I’ve got to watch this, and then my heart exploded in delight. I am really, really, really hoping that this is the Spider-Man movie I want it to be because I’ve fallen in love with each trailer thus far. I need this to be the Spider-Man movie I’ve always imagined watching and these trailers have been filling me with hope.

Once I got over my general sense of giddiness, which is translated to, once I watched the trailer twice, I went back to studying. That went on for abooooout twenty minutes before I returned to social media only to discover that there was an international trailer for Homecoming and it had new content! I love new content! I put my flash cards down so I could give this new trailer the proper amounts of attention it deserved, and again I had to suppress feelings of sheer glee and joy. The international trailer does a really good job of shaping out what the Vulture’s plan is while still maintaining all the awesome from the previous trailers and including tie in footage to Captain America: Civil War. I’m not entirely sure if I’ve said it here before, but I will now, Michael Keaton is a tremendous casting choice for the villain and one of the chief reasons why I’m excited for this film. That an Tom Holland’s voice and actions and overall sense of being Spider-Man.

At this point it isn’t even eight o’clock in the morning and the day is off to a fantastically geeky start. I love discovering geeky things when I’m not expecting them. They help shape the day. I will admit that there was a good period of time between the studying and the test where absolutely nothing geeky happened but my thoughts. Mostly I thought about last night’s Flash, the prospect of tonight’s Arrow finale (eeeeeeeeee), things to discuss during episode seven of the I Am Geek Podcast, among other things. It gets pretty cramped in this here brain.

I would say it was early afternoon when I was informed that the Game of Thrones trailer I expected/predicted to drop this week indeed arrived, and holy holy! Did you guys see this thing?! Man alive does this season seem like it’s going to be balls to the wall. I read an awesome article on Entertainment Weekly that takes a deep dive into the events of the trailer (really good read) and I noticed that there was something missing. The white walkers! You will recall that I mentioned them yesterday but was surprised to see that they were absent from this trailer. Which has me believing that the great war with the white walkers might not be until the final season. I’m all for it either way, but just give me a glimpse. For the love of god!

Can you say, geekiness overload?

Then it dawns on me… it’s also New Comic Book Day.

(insert exploding mind here)

Yeah, it was that kind of day… bring on Arrow!

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