Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer- Being More Than the Suit

Geeklings, guess what happened to me today. Go ahead, take a guess. If you said interweb capabilities returned to the Fortress of Nerditude than you would be absolutely correct. Not going to lie, things got kind of bleak here for a couple of days. I had to rely on my DVR and comics already downloaded on my Fancy Comic Book Reader. If I wanted news from the outside world I had to text friends for updates. Can you imagine living in a world like that? The horror. Yet, I sit before you to let you know that I have survived. I have come out the other side more humble and have a new appreciation for interweb connection. As in, please don’t leave ever again.

Much as I expected, my lack of interwebs prevented me from experiencing the new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer when it dropped last night, but that was alright. I fell asleep in my chair pretty early and probably wouldn’t have watched it until this morning, which is exactly how it played out any way. I guess no real loss there.

As for the trailer, much like the Justice League I’ve got thoughts, but unlike the Justice League trailer the majority of those thoughts are positive. Actually… they’re all positive. I honestly can’t think of one bad thing to say about this trailer right now other than is Donald Glover Shocker or not, and why isn’t he in this trailer at all? Not much of a complaint more of an observation. What do you guys say we start breaking this thing down?

  • Image result for spider-man:homecomingWhen Civil War came out last year I immediately went on record stating that Tom Holland is the Spider-Man I’ve been waiting my whole life for. Growing up a huge Spider-Man fan, I used to listen to records that told Spider-Man stories and would often “swing” around the house shooting webs as a child. Spider-Man is my number one favorite super hero, and cinematiclly I can’t help but feel disappointed up until this point. I know that’s a harsh thing to say but it’s true. I appreciate the Sam Raimi films and what they did for super hero movies, and I’ll back the claim that Spider-Man 2 is one of the best super hero movies ever made, but I never feel compelled to watch them. Ever. They’re too campy and sort of ridiculous. They watch sort of like an outdated comic book, and that was fine at the time but I want more now. Same thing with Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2. There were elements of those movies that I liked (Andrew Garfield was a fine Spider-Man but a terrible Peter Parker and all the Gwen Stacy stuff) but for the most part I didn’t love them. With Tom Holland though, I feel like we might be on to something. A complete package of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Just look at that quick scene as he’s swinging through New York and says hi to the people standing by. For someone who has grown up reading Spider-Man comics his entire life, Tom Holland captures the voice I’ve always heard when old web head has said anything within a comic panel. This kid gets it.
  • There’s no way that’s not Ganke Lee from the Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales comics. You can call him whatever you want but that character is molded from Ganke. While I’m disappointed that they’ll be using him with Peter and not Miles, it still is exciting to see such a great sidekick character come to life. For those who don’t know Ganke is Miles Morales’s best friend in the comics and they’re banter and friendship is one of the things that make that book wonderful. I’m willing to bet that he’ll be one of the stand outs of the film. Every adolescent super hero needs a great best friend, and Ganke Lee is that friend.
  • Image result for spiderman homecoming vultureMichael Keaton seems to be perfect for the Vulture. I’ve never been a big fan of the Vulture villain as he’s always seemed so disposable to me, and old. In all the years that I’ve read Spider-Man comics I never felt the Vulture was a threat on the same level as Norman Osborne. It looks like Keaton aims to change that as his Vulture seems dark and menacing. Marvel tends to have problems developing their movie villains (outside of Loki) so here’s hoping that they let Keaton establish himself as a legit threat. If the trailer is any indication he is not to be trifled with.
  • This trailer seemed to have a big Tony Stark presence but I’m kind of hoping that he’s more of a background figure. It’s clear that the events of Civil War have changed Tony, and I think it’s important seeing a new phase of him before the next Avengers movie. I like the idea of him in the mentor role as we’ve mostly seen Tony as sort of reckless and worry about the consequences later. I believe him when he tells Peter that he needs to be more than the suit and better than all of them, and feel that that will be an important theme for this film. Homecoming could be a Spider-Man story as much as a Tony Stark redemption story. Peter strives to be an Avenger but there’s more to it than just busting bad guys and saving kittens. Tony’s up and downs in the MCU could be perfect to help usher a new wave of heroes, heroes who learn from previous mistakes.
  • I love the idea of the suit being taken away from Peter as it plays off as the ultimate super hero “go to your room” type action. I also love the fact that Peter designs a new/shabby looking suit so he can continue his quest to stop the Vulture. I was worried that the non Spider-Man Spider-Man suits in the first trailer were flashbacks to Peter before Civil War but they look to Peter going rogue. I can get on board with that. If you know anything about that Parker luck than you know that it’ll probably lead to something not so good.


Overall, I just felt really giddy after seeing this trailer. I’ve been waiting a long time for Spider-Man to be captured perfectly on screen, and I think this has the ability to do that. Part of that is the casting of Tom Holland who seems to be the perfect fit to be swinging around the streets of New York, but I also believe that bringing Spidey into the MCU helps too. It’s sort of ridiculous, when you think about it, that Spider-Man wasn’t able to interact with any other Marvel heroes in his movies before this. Especially when you consider that part of what makes him great is his relationship with characters like the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Luke Cage, and even Deadpool. Homecoming is an appropriate title in so many ways.

What do you think Geeklings? Were you happy with the trailer? Are you more or less excited to see Spider-Man: Homecoming now. Sound off in the comments below or on the Faceyspace page.

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