I Am Geek Quarantine- Life Thus Far…

Depending on when you officially started, we’re either on day nine, eleven, or day eight hundred forty-nine of social distancing/quarantine. I know I’m not reinventing the wheel here when I say, it feels a lot longer than all the aforementioned day totals. Which on a mathematical scale doesn’t seem like it should be possible yet here we are living in a world where it feels … Continue reading I Am Geek Quarantine- Life Thus Far…

Community- Six Seasons and Netflix

I don’t think anyone could truly be blamed if they spent the majority of their time on social media falling deeper and deeper into a coronavirus like wormhole. Picture that part in Alice In Wonderland where Alice is falling down the hole but instead of it being dirt and mushrooms picture icky coronavirus like vibes falling past her while also sticking to her soul. Good … Continue reading Community- Six Seasons and Netflix

Week In Geek- Prime Sales, A King Returns, & Geek Mecca

Geeklings, a happy Monday to you all! Before we get started on today’s brand new Week In Geek, I just wanted to give you a heads up that there might be some changes in the writing schedule as soon as this week. I started a new job today (yay me!) that has a bit of a further commute which kind of eats into my after work … Continue reading Week In Geek- Prime Sales, A King Returns, & Geek Mecca

… and A Movie?

Geeklings, I was having one of those great lazy days yesterday. I had taken myself a three day weekend, worked out (which admittedly is not that lazy), continued my Stranger Things re-watch (only two episodes left!), hung out poolside with my family, and was really just enjoying the nothing of it all. Not that these things didn’t matter, they mattered a great deal towards strong mental health, … Continue reading … and A Movie?