… and A Movie?

Geeklings, I was having one of those great lazy days yesterday. I had taken myself a three day weekend, worked out (which admittedly is not that lazy), continued my Stranger Things re-watch (only two episodes left!), hung out poolside with my family, and was really just enjoying the nothing of it all. Not that these things didn’t matter, they mattered a great deal towards strong mental health, I mean in the sense that I had no set agenda. I was just “chillin'” and it was terrific. We all need days like that from time to time and I was cashing in on mine.

It was while I was waiting for my fiance to come home from work that my entire day kind of shifted. In moments of silence, I tend to go on social media and “look around”. I like to see what’s trending on Twitter or if any comic/sports/anything news is going on. I’ll go on Instagram peep people’s pics and stories, and just get a general sense of what’s going on with friends and pop culture. I do run a pop culture-themed website so it would make sense that I would keep tabs on things like that.

Halfway through my scrolling (side note- I almost wrote “skrulling” which is an entirely different thing but it made me laugh pretty hard), I found something that made me lose my god damned mind. I don’t know how many of you know this but the Russo Brothers are coming to San Diego Comic Con next week. They’re coming outside of a Marvel promotion too which leads me to believe that they’ll be pimping their next project. Yes, Marvel is going to have a presence too and I’m sure the Russos will be there in some capacity, but this… this is different. The Russo Brothers are no strangers to projects outside of Marvel. For a long time, they directed episodes of Arrested Development and Community along with being the executive producers of the now unfortunately canceled Deadly Class. These guys keep busy so I’m sure that they’ll have enough to plug for their own panel.

Which leads me to the part where I lost my god damned mind. As I said, I was scrolling and I discovered this on the Russo’s feed.

Now, unlike a portion of the internet that had no clue what the hell this was, I was very much aware. And if you’ve got some time to kill then the comments here are hysterical as people who only know the Russos from Marvel are trying to figure out what this random Spanish rap could possibly be while fans of Community try to very nicely explain it to them while also using Community-related gifs to share their excitement. It’s a treasure trove of awesome.

As I mentioned before, the Russos were a huge part in the success of Community. Having written and directed a number of episodes it’s hard not to argue that their involvement isn’t as important as Dan Harmons. In fact, Community played a pretty heavy role in the Russos landing their Marvel gig. To see this clip teasing the time announcement of their upcoming SDCC panel seems very specific. It’s hard not to believe that they could possibly be teasing the fabled Community movie.

For us Community fans, we know that the mantra of the show became “six seasons and a movie” after the first fake clip episode of season two (Paradigms of Human Memory). The one where Abed is obsessed with the failed NBC show The Cape.

When NBC canceled Community after it’s fifth season I was crushed. For a number of reasons that I don’t need to get into today, but the show had come so close to that sixth season. We needed it. How else would be cap off this extraordinary journey? Community was never a rating juggernaut. It had a very cult fanbase that loved the show deeply and willed NBC to renew it for five seasons. It seemed that the stars had aligned for the sixth and final season to launch us into the movie but NBC wasn’t having any of it. They were done… luckily Yahoo swooped in, saved the show and kept the dream alive. The later last shot of the show reads “#andamovie” which teases the promise of the mantra. We had just about made it. We could chang the world.

Then… nothing. Harmon was directing a lot of his time to Rick and Morty and his podcast and it seemed that the idea of a Community movie was dead. The cast had found success in other things and had busy schedules. Donald Glover and Atlanta, Childish Gambino, and a million other things. Allison Brie in Glow. While the others have kind of hopped around doing their own things and discovering life after Greendale. If there was ever going to be a movie it didn’t seem that it would involve the core cast or at least all of them.

But this Russo Tweet kind of changed everything in an instant. Is it possible to believe that on July 19th we’re finally going to hear some news about the Community movie? With Atlanta not in filming production is it possible to believe that Donald Glover could return to Greendale? Hell, I’d be alright if they centered the entire film around the search of Troy only to have him appear in the very last scene. Glow‘s third season has been filmed and ready to drop, and the rest of the cast seemingly is a phone call away. At different parts in life they’ve all talked about how they’ve wanted to do the film. Is it at all possible that this is finally happening?

I don’t want to get excited about this, I really don’t. I don’t think I can handle the emotional letdown if this isn’t what’s being teased. None of the cast members have Tweeted anything about this possible movie or even re-tweeted this Russo Brothers tease. Dan Harmon hasn’t said anything either but that could be par for the course. I’m sure he hears this question all the time and a surprise announcement would send the fanbase spinning out of control.

But, again, this tease? It’s highly specific. And it was enough to send my heart fluttering with the possibility to see my friends again. To once again walk the halls of Greendale and say goodbye in the way that was promised. With a mantra that drove a fanbase and saved a show. You don’t just include the “101 Rap” by accident. You just don’t. Is it time for the Russo Brothers to come home… and a movie? God, I hope so. I really, really do. It would be all types of cool, cool, cool.

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