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I Am Geek Mailbag Vol. 1

I always get a little nervous when I put something out in the universe that depends on the involvement of others to get off the ground. When I came to you last week looking to create the first ever I Am Geek Mailbag, I had already written two columns in my head. The first column where there was actual participation and I answered all your … Continue reading I Am Geek Mailbag Vol. 1

Community Table Read- A Celebration of Greendale

I woke up this morning anxious. Maybe more giddiness. Or maybe it was actually anxious. Not anxious in that “I know my boss has totally been reading my messages between my co-workers and I” but more the first day of school anxious/giddy. You know, where you’re so excited so you sleep in the clothes you’re going to wear the following day because you think they … Continue reading Community Table Read- A Celebration of Greendale

Nicholas Cage Levels of Fried Brain & March 31st

Here’s the thing, I have no idea what to write about today. Zero clue. I’m like any employee at the Daily Planet who looks at Clark Kent when he takes his glasses off to clean and can’t recognize the fact that he’s clearly Superman. I know what I’m writing tomorrow though. In fact, I have not one but two columns planned for tomorrow. Today though… today I’ve got nothing. And why … Continue reading Nicholas Cage Levels of Fried Brain & March 31st

… and A Movie?

Geeklings, I was having one of those great lazy days yesterday. I had taken myself a three day weekend, worked out (which admittedly is not that lazy), continued my Stranger Things re-watch (only two episodes left!), hung out poolside with my family, and was really just enjoying the nothing of it all. Not that these things didn’t matter, they mattered a great deal towards strong mental health, … Continue reading … and A Movie?