Community- Six Seasons and Netflix

I don’t think anyone could truly be blamed if they spent the majority of their time on social media falling deeper and deeper into a coronavirus like wormhole. Picture that part in Alice In Wonderland where Alice is falling down the hole but instead of it being dirt and mushrooms picture icky coronavirus like vibes falling past her while also sticking to her soul. Good times. I’d like to say that I didn’t fall prey to these type of wormholes but that would make me a liar. I’ve spent more hours on Twitter than I’m proud to admit looking up information on the virus, seeing how other people are responding, and getting myself a little freaked out at times. Not like I was going to build a bunker freaked out but I may have looked at my wife and insinuated that we needed to go food shopping (again) ASAP freaked out.

On Sunday, in the midst of one of these wormholes, a little nugget of non-corona like news shot across my radar. A glimmer of hope.¬† A ray of sunshine piercing through the gloom of posts about quarantines, washing hands, and outbreaks. A post that would literally “chang” everything. And if you’re reading that sentence again, yes the chang was intentional. Oh so very intentional.

That’s right Geeklings,¬†Community¬†is coming to Netflix and it might be the greatest thing to ever happen to the show since Yahoo picked it up for the fabled sixth season. Not saying that the sixth season was the best the show to had to offer, it’s better than you remember, but it gave us the closure we so desperately sought. We shouted #sixseasonsandamovie for so long and for NBC to cancel the show after season five… it was brutal. Doubly brutal for yours truly because Community¬†was cancelled two days after my father passed. Two. Days. I felt that NBC had singled me out as a human and instead of sending condolences they kicked me square in the junk. Because they could. And that’s probably why I’ll never really love that network or at least that’s what my therapist told me.

Community’s arrival on Netflix can’t be overlooked. This is a show that never really found the massive audience it deserved. Sure, us Community fans celebrate the show with the zest that rivals Abeds love for pop culture or Jeff Winger’s love for speeches, but how many of us have had talks with non-fans who look at you and say “I don’t know that show” whenever you say “Troy and Abed in the morning” or any other incredible quote. Netflix is the¬†exact¬†platform¬†Community¬†deserves. Look what it’s done for¬†The Office. This was a show that was already wildly popular but now has catapulted itself into the Mount Rushmore of great television sitcoms. I would argue that because of Netflix,¬†The Office¬†might have surpassed Friends in popularity. And let’s not forget that¬†Friends¬†saw a spike of new viewers with its brief time on Netflix. Netflix gives new life to old shows. This is just a fact.

Is it so preposterous for me to believe that Community¬†could become a household name five years after its final episode aired? Netflix has been largely good to the cast of this show. Allison Brie, Joel McHale, and Gillian Jacobs have all seen various amounts of Netflix success with individual shows. Donald Glover alone should be enough to draw in new viewers. From his work on¬†Atlanta¬†and his insane musical talent, one would think Glover could be the biggest draw for new viewers. Then throw in the fact that people recognize/love Ken Jeong, tolerate Chevy Chase with the comedy nostalgia button, Yvette Nicole Brown has fans through her time on¬†Talking Dead, and most recognize Dan Harmon from Rick and Morty and we might be on to something here. This has the recipe to give¬†Community¬†the appreciation it so rightly deserves. And before you say I left off Danny Pudi, if this goes as well as I think it will then Abed Nadir could become a household name. That’s something that fills my heart with such immense glee. Not glee the series, that show oddly enough fills me with yuck.

Now let’s take¬†Community’s¬†Netflix contract a little further. As some of you may recall, I kind of lost my face, briefly and irrationally, during San Diego Comic-Con when I¬†thought that the Russo Brothers could be announcing the mythical Community¬†movie. I had zero evidence to believe that they were, but I feel the world owes us the¬†Community¬†movie. I feel that after the above story of the show’s cancelation, that I¬†deserve the¬†Community¬†movie. I just wanted the hope of seeing my friends again. I don’t go into it much here but¬†Community¬†really helped me through a rough patch of life. It was there for me in a way that I can’t properly describe, nor really want to delve into, and I will always¬†love¬†the show for that. I even got to tell Dan Harmon that a couple of years ago and it was such a cathartic experience. While also being a bit overwhelming. The idea of getting to see the payoff of the Community¬†movie… it just seems right to me.

Allison Brie has not been shy about wanting to do the Community¬†movie and wanting to do that movie through Netflix. Now, mystically, Netflix owns the rights to¬†Community. Could this be the domino we needed to fall in order to get #sixseasonsandamovie? I want to believe that it is. But I also don’t want to get myself worked up. I’m more than happy to see¬†Community’s¬†arrival on Netflix as a win. I don’t watch the show as often as I would like mostly out of laziness. I own the DVDs and the idea of getting up and switching discs and blah blah blah is exhausting. Now with Netflix, I can just put on episode after episode after episode. If this was MeowMeow Beanz, I would give it all the MeowMeow Beanz. My only wish is that we didn’t have to wait till April 1st for the show to arrive. Other than that though, life as a Community¬†fan just got cool cool cool.

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