Community- Six Seasons and Netflix

I don’t think anyone could truly be blamed if they spent the majority of their time on social media falling deeper and deeper into a coronavirus like wormhole. Picture that part in Alice In Wonderland where Alice is falling down the hole but instead of it being dirt and mushrooms picture icky coronavirus like vibes falling past her while also sticking to her soul. Good … Continue reading Community- Six Seasons and Netflix

Once You Pop! You Can’t Stop

Geeklings, you remember our good friend Tiffani Bennett? Of course, you do she was here a little while ago talking about coming out of the Fan Girl Closet. Good news! She’s back with a brand new column on this most glorious Friday. That’s right, we’re really spoiling you with content this week. You’re welcome, you’re welcome.  And after you reading Tiffani’s post why not hang … Continue reading Once You Pop! You Can’t Stop