Week In Geek- There’s Something In the Mist, Spider-Man Comes To PS4, & Gorgeous Women Wrestle On Netflix

Geeeeeeeeeeklings, what is going on?! Welcome to your annual Monday tradition that finds you here on the pages of I Am Geek looking to discover just what awesome is in store for you, and my friends there is quite a lot.

I currently just finished writing my Orphan Black episode review for Fan Fest News, and I’m not entirely sure if it turned out well. I hate when the column in my head doesn’t turn into the column on paper…screen? It kind of throws the rest of the days writing off a bit because my mind is split into thinking about the way the column turned out and trying to write a new one. So excuse me if I skip the usual foreplay and just jump into this weeks Geek.

the mist1. The Mist– It seems like I’ve been pimping this show for awhile now. Only a couple of weeks ago I put the newest trailer on this here column. I’m not really sure what else I can say about this show other than I’m pumped for it. I had my doubts when it was first announced, I’m a huge fan of the movie, but each trailer has won me over. Here’s hoping that this doesn’t become a retread of the movie and explores other areas of the town and what was happening when the mist rolled in. And I still want that info on Project Arrow and how it could possibly relate to the Dark Tower. Looks like the year of Stephen King is about to kick into gear… I’m giddy!

2. Spider-Man PS4– Okay, much like Spider-Man movies, I have been waiting for an awesome Spider-Man video game my entire life. I don’t think I’ve ever really played one that fully captured what I wanted the experience to be like. There were some games that were close, Ultimate Spider-Man, but for the most part they’ve kind of been misses for me. Well, it looks like that wait might be over. E3 premiered a new trailer filled with game play for the upcoming Spider-Man game and it looks siiiiiiiick. Kind of gave me that Arkham Batman series feels. The map looks huge, the game play looks slick, and the easter eggs were fun (apparently Osborne is running for mayor?). Not to mention one Miles Morales appears at the end of this trailer causing yours truly to geek out. Here’s hoping he becomes a playable character. That would be worth the price of admission for me. While I’m not crazy about the suit (why the white?) I am finding this game irresistible. Is it possible to get the Spider-Man movie and game of my dreams in the same year? Here’s hoping.

Image result for glow on netflix3. GLOW on Netflix- It is super easy to lose track of all the content coming out on Netflix as they are dropping so much so rapidly, but one show that won’t be slipping through the cracks for me is GLOW or the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. With professional wrestling being such a spectacle, he said while WWE Raw is on in the background, I’m surprised we haven’t had more shows and movies based on the sport. GLOW looks to be one of those dramedy shows that’s going to carry the feels along with it’s humor. I just have a feeling that this has the potential to be the sleeper hit of the summer. Allison Brie, of Community fame, and Marc Maron, of WTF Podcast fame, look to bring something unique to our screens starting on Friday.

4. Baby Driver– About a month ago I was traveling down one of my AppleTv trailer worm holes. For those of you who are curious to what that means allow me to break it down. It usually starts with me wanting to watch a Marvel trailer of some sort and then spending the next forty minutes or so binge watching trailers. This is how I came across Baby Driver. My first thought upon seeing the poster was the title was kind of lame but it wasn’t going to prevent me from watching the trailer. Thank the gods because this thing looks awesome. I had no idea it was an Edgar Wright film and the rest of the cast is sick. Now, with it’s release on Friday, I’m very much looking forward to giving it a peep and having it inspire me to get into wild car chases while wearing ear buds… not really as I know that’s not safe. Just let me have my moment.

5. Seven Evil Batmen– DC’s big summer crossover event just kicked off last week and seems to be leading into a world where there’s a dark multiverse that houses evil Batmen who have the powers of the Justice League. There’s an evil Flash Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, among others. I actually just wrote an entire column for Fan Fest News about this (you can read it here). I for one can’t wait to learn more about these evil super powered Batman and am especially curious about the one called “The Batman Who Laughs”. The very notion of a laughing Batman is enough to make me feel uneasy.

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