To Loot Crate or Not To Loot Crate?

Geeklings, I am poised with one massive moral dilemma. A dilemma so huge that it could shake the very core of I Am Geek… 

Nah, it’s not that big of a dilemma, hell, it’s probably not even a real dilemma but it’s something. A question? A predicament? A plight? Yes, I totally thesaurused “dilemma” for those bonus words.

Here’s the situation, I was going through Twitter today… or maybe it was Faceyspace… it doesn’t matter. I was going through social media today when a Stranger Things article caught my eye. For those of you who haven’t been listening to the I Am Geek Podcast (may I ask why?) you may not know that I’ve kind cut back on Stranger Things viewing. I still pay attention to all the non spoiler content coming out but I had to pump the brakes on watching the show. No exaggeration, I watched that first season four times front to back and that’s not counting episode hopping. I was willing to admit that I had a problem and in order to preserve the show I stopped watching. If you over watch something you can saturate it and suddenly it’s just a thing opposed to being something important. You totally can abuse the pop culture that you love and I try not to do those things. That’s why I scarcely watch my favorite movies. This why they stay special and hold that mystic. Any time I choose to watch one it becomes an event.

All of this is besides the point. During my social media travels I discovered that Loot Crate is going to be doing an all Stranger Things themed limited edition box for October. Sounds awesome, right? All the items in the box will be Hawkins themed and sure to be crazy unique and special. I’m thinking a possible exclusive pop, maybe action figures, a t-shirt (like I don’t have enough), maybe a statue of Eleven doing Eleven type things, and other items that will make me geek out upon the opening of the box. Still sounding awesome. The only kicker for me currently is that since it’s a limited edition box it ups the price to sixty bucks which is what’s leaving me a little hesitant. That’s a lot of cash dollars to be throwing at a collective box but also Stranger Things. Don’t get me wrong, I want this box. Quite badly actually but I need to rationalize the purchase before I just jump into ordering it. Weigh the pros and the cons and almost try and guilt myself out of not wanting it.

“Do you really need more Stranger Things stuff Kevin”?

Yes brain, I think I do!


Geeky decisions can be difficult at times when you try to guilt yourself out of them. We all know that I’m going to end up ordering this because I’m weak and would hate to miss out on super unique Stranger Things products. There would be nothing worse than going on Instagram or something and seeing the box spoiled only to discover that I needed half of those items. Why risk it, right? Although I won’t be ordering the box today, probably in the next month or so, I am slightly concerned that I may forget about it and then miss my window and then I’ll get nothing. Clearly this whole thing is stressing me out.

What would you do Geeklings? Order the box as soon as possible or wait it out a little bit before jumping in. It’s not like waiting is going to change any of the items in the box but maybe I can convince Jennifer to go splitsville with me on it. Hmmmm… share the guilt? I might be on to something here. I have some thinking to do but in the mean time it might be time to just randomly watch an episode of Stranger Things. Just one. You know, to get that blood pumping again.

It’s not my fault that the universe threw a whole bunch of Stranger Things content at me today. There are two new SDCC exclusive pops that I kind of need and Funko released images of the action figure line and again, need! I blame the universe.

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