I Am Geek Podcast Episode 8- Trollin’ Amazon

Geeklings, it’s finally here. The newest episode of the I Am Geek Podcast! You can rejoice, it’s okay. Sorry that our schedule with this thing has kind of been all over the place but with three people who work crazy schedules, honestly my schedule is the biggest hang up, sometimes it becomes difficult to coordinate recording sessions. I only say this because I don’t want you guys to freak out if episodes aren’t exactly being released in smooth weekly intervals. We’re trying though.

As always it felt real good to get back in the lab with Jen and Paul for another hour plus discussion about life, all things geeky, and work in some laughs. Recording this podcast is one of my favorite things that’s come out of I Am Geek and I’m happy to share it with you guys. Here’s the break down for episode eight

Has your week felt a little empty? Like maybe there has been something missing? Of course there has. You’ve been waiting for the newest episode of the I Am Geek Podcast. Lucky for you it has arrived! In this weeks episode Kevin discusses his pretty big Twitter goof, the gang breaks down the fashion of Friends while discussing their own fashion mistakes of the 90’s, we learn about Madison’s new laugh, Jennifer trolls the Zon (?), Kevin falls asleep in movie theaters, and apocalypse discussion. Paul poses the biggest question of them all. 2012 or the Postman? Come see what happens

Be sure to give it a listen, and tell your friends too. We want alllllll of you to listen. For reals though, tell your friends.

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