Allergy Attacks & Wonder Woman

At this point we’ve spent over a year and a half together Geeklings. That’s a long time. There are over 350 posts here (358 to be exact) where you’ve gotten to know me over the course of that year and a half, so I would say it’s safe to assume that you guys know when a big time super hero/geeky movie is released I’m going either the day of or the day after. I have no patience in waiting. I need to know what happens immediately. On top of that the interwebs is a scary place and I refuse to have things spoiled. There’s nothing worse than going on Faceyspace and seeing the headline of some article that reveals an important part of the film. That’s like a kick in the groin with steel toed boots.

Needless to say this was the mentality I kept for Wonder Woman. While my excitement wasn’t through the roof like it would be for a Marvel movie, it was much higher than it was for Batman vs Superman. As a matter of fact I started to feel kind of hopeful that Wonder Woman could be a change in direction for the DC cinematic universe. Plus the Rotten Tomatoes ratings were through the roof and I was ready. I wanted Wonder Woman to wow me.

Image result for joker removes faceThen something happened while I was at work. I got hit with the worse allergy attack of my life. For serious. I sneezed at 1:03 and didn’t stop until close to six o’clock. I went through an entire, let me just repeat that, an entire box of tissues in that span to the point where my nose was raw and burned every time I blew it. My eyes were glassed over and tearing, my body temperature was off, and I wanted nothing more than to pull a Joker and rip my face off. That is not an exaggeration. If I could have removed my face from my head I think I would have been the happiest person alive. I’m talking in the history of happy people.

I ended up taking some medicine but due to my failure to see I couldn’t find a day time med and took one with the drowsy factor. I didn’t care. I just needed relief. That proved to be an error in judgement. I battled, for four hours, the feelings of drowsiness trying to consume me. But I would not be deterred. I was watching Wonder Woman. And so I did.

Well, I attempted.

WONDER WOMANI think the first forty minutes or so went well. I was taking in the movie. I was enjoying myself dispute my discomfort. I was digging what I was watching but then that thing happened where your eyes kind of close for a second and it’s over. I thought I could fight it. I tried to fight it. I won a number of times too, but there were times where I lost which resulted in me dozing to some key and not so key moments of the film. I was bummed but my face hurt too much for me to really register it.

When I tried the following day to recall the events of the movie, the ones I did see, I found that I didn’t remember much about it. The whole experience was a bit hazy which makes sense considering I spent it in an allergy like hell. My attempt to watch Wonder Woman was basically one big psychological experiment in Kevin trying to fight the effects of allergy medicine. Ultimately a failed movie watching experience.

I feel so shamed. I probably should have waited until the following day where I felt sort of better and the time of the movie wasn’t so late, but I don’t know how to do things like that. Because of that my first viewing of Wonder Woman suffered. It’s to the point where I see things on the interwebs and I feel like I’m being spoiled despite the fact that I saw a solid portion of the film. It’s been really tough to deal with.

How do I fix this? Well, I’m going again this weekend, naturally. Hopefully my face doesn’t attack me again. I really want to enjoy this movie and I wish the allergy gods would stop battling me long enough for me to enjoy it.

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