Week In Geek- Wonder Woman FINALLY Arrives, Secret Empire Continues, Saga Returns, and…

Holiday weekends are all types of awesome because they usually result in a shortened week, unless you’re me of course, because you have to work on Saturday (womp womp). For everyone else though I hope that you’re weeks are short and move quickly. I’m getting into that part of the year where I am feeling just how badly I need a vacation. Just a short period of time where I can kind of refuel and hit the reset button. You’re welcome for just defining the word vacation, but I just want to spend time in the sun and relax. Summer vacations are a must my friends. I am mentally prepared for one of those babies, but I’ve got like a month and a half to go before I get one. *sigh* I’ve got this… right?

You know what I do got though? A brand new Week In Geek to kick off your first week of the summer season, and it might end up being a bit shorter than our usual ones because I couldn’t find a lot to talk about. Does that mean there’s not much to get excited for this week? Of course not! I’ve got tons of columns heading your way within the next few days. I’m talking Arrow/Flash reviews, my take on Master of None, the monthly reading list, and more. Right? So much good content for your eyeholes.

In the meantime, enjoy this Week In Geek

Wonder Woman poster1. Wonder Woman- I know what you’re thinking, “ugh, another DC movie to get excited about only to ultimately be majorly disappointed in”, and I can’t blame you for thinking that. The DC cinematic universe has done nothing to fill us with much hope, must I remind you of BvS or Suicide Squad? DC has this problem of making their movies look all types of amazing when it comes to their trailers, but then the actual film doesn’t deliver. Most of this has to do with the lack of understanding of the characters but I digress. I’ve said for awhile that there is a great deal of pressure on Wonder Woman to, more or less, save the DC cinematic universe. If this movie tanks then Justice League is toast. It’s that three strikes and you’re out rule. Early buzz coming out of the premier is that the movie is good, thank the gods, and hopefully this becomes the catalyst for a new movement for DC movies. Especially with the inclusion of Joss Whedon now, who you might remember from a little film called The Avengers.

Most of all though there is a social importance to a Wonder Woman movie. There have seemingly been millions of super hero movies, but not one of them have centered on a female super hero (which is ally types of ridiculous). We are way overdue for something like this and I am sincere hoping that Wonder Woman delivers in spades and sets a new bar, not only for DC, but for super hero movies as a whole. Here’s hoping it’s a good movie that kicks in the door to allow other female super heroes to get their time to shine. Perhaps that Black Widow movie we’ve always kind of sort of wanted to happen.

Image result for secret empire #32. Secret Empire #3– I have been loving the pacing of this event. It seems like there has been an issue every other week and this has helped fuel the momentum/importance of the story. I’m choosing to focus on the awesomeness of the story here, and the art (!!!), instead of all the negative backlash. Marvel is taking a chance with this story and it’s leading to some impressive story telling. Not to mention the twist at the end of issue number two could be their way of backing out of all the hate. That is yet to be determined but I think it at least opens the door to it. In the mean time, this summer event is everything that Civil War II was not.  I am waiting for that moment when Hydra Cap loses his shit though. Right now he is way too composed and in control. You have to figure at some point something is going to set him off, and that’s what I’m waiting for. Evil, angry death Hydra Cap. This story is too compelling to turn away.

Image result for brian k vaughan saga3. Saga Returns– Brian K Vaughn’s series Saga returns this week and we say thank you big big. I’ve been really enjoying what he’s been doing with this series as he focuses on one story arc, which lasts about six-seven issues, and then takes a small break. For whatever reason it makes each returning arc feel like the start of a new season and allows it that story to important in it’s self contained venue. Does that make sense? What I’m trying to say is each story arc is allowed to exist as it’s own instead of one story bleeding into the other. I’m very much looking forward to catching up with these characters, especially after the heartbreaking ending the last issue left us with. Vaughn keeps masterfully building these characters, and if you haven’t started reading this yet… you should.

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