I Am Geek The Podcast Episode 6- Christian Slater, Godfather of the Podcast

Geeklings, here’s hoping that everyone’s Memorial Day Weekend was all types of awesome. If you were following our Faceyspace page then you would’ve noticed that episode seven of the I Am Geek Podcast dropped on Saturday (oh dip!). I had a pretty busy weekend so I wasn’t able to get to the site and do any writing, as you can see from the lack of posts since Wednesday, which is why the episode just stayed on Sound Cloud. That was then and this is Monday which means a new week with tons of new content and what better way to start then with the newest episode of the podcast? That’s right, there is no better way to start.

After a little time away the gang has returned with episode seven where they discuss the passing of Chris Cornell, rapping/singing in the car, discuss Kevin’s very Stephen King birthday plans, and take a deep dive into the film catalog of Christian Slater. Jennifer also voices her disdain for a certain celebrity and there is some fire there.

After a week off from recording, tough coordinating schedules sometimes, it was most excellent getting back in the lab again and plugging along on this new adventure. I can’t believe there have already been seven episodes. Kind of crazy. That’s almost two months worth of recording.

Be sure to give a listen and supply any and all feedback when you do. We love hearing from you guys. Hopefully have episode eight to you sooner rather than later.

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