“Everything is preordained. Even my responses”

This week was a pretty spectacular “Kevin Love All Things Comic & Super Hero Related” week as I alluded to in my Pull List column. Those episodes of The Flash and Arrow had me all types of excited as did the newest issues of Secret Empire and The Flash (“The Button” conclusion) and I found myself finally catching up on my comics and wanting to dive into older episodes of Arrow and The Flash. Needless to say, all things comic book related were being celebrated in the Fortress, and it’s been great. If I wasn’t writing this piece right now I’d probably be reading some Steve Rogers Captain America to feed more into this Secret Empire story line.

Image result for the button DCI think a lot of this comic book excitement is stemming off of DC’s “The Button” story line and the announcement of the “Doomsday Clock” coming this November. The fact that DC is connecting their universe to that of The Watchmen has me giddy with all the possibilities, and I can’t get enough of it. I currently have a problem where I read entirely too many comic books. My pull list is a bit much at this point as my subscriptions are topping off at thirteen books…I think. It’s in that ballpark for sure. For example, last week I went on Comixology to kind of weed through some of my books and figure out the ones I needed to keep reading, and the ones I could deal without. Well, that turned into me not dropping any books and subscribing to another (the upcoming Defenders series Marvel is releasing in June). That went well.

Actually, I’m happy I didn’t drop any books. Catching up on comics over the last week I has allowed me to fall back in love with characters or books that were just collecting dust on my Fancy Comic Book Reader. Miles Morales’s Spider-Man has always been a favorite of mine but I was four issues behind and now I’m like, “why did I let this build up like this?! Arrrrrggghhh!” I was bout ready to cut the cord with the Jessica Jones series as I wasn’t sure what direction it was going in, and once I caught up on the three books that were laying around, I’m really excited about the direction of this series. Same thing with Invincible Iron Man, I absolutely adore Riri Williams in this role and the art and story reminds me a great deal of when Miles was coming into power. In catching up with comics I fell back in love with a lot of the books I was reading and now don’t want to give them up at all. The life of a comic book reader can be quite complex.

Image result for the watchmen comicYet, that’s not really what I want to talk about. I was mentioning how DC’s “The Button” and “Doomsday Clock” really have me excited about the potential of story telling. The Watchmen is arguably the most popular comic book in the history of comics, and really revolutionized the medium. It was dark and edgy, political, philosophical, heavy, the good guys didn’t always win, and painted the “super hero” in a light that seemed a little more grounded in reality. It’s comic book royalty and using it’s characters as a lynch pin for current story lines is a huge gamble. If it fails then this story will fail big time because readers will reject the representation of their characters, but if it succeeds… well, who knows. Is there a place in the DC universe for characters from The Watchmen to exist? Maybe, but I don’t think that’s the point. I don’t want to see Rorschach or Nite Owl roaming the streets hunting bad guys, DC already has Batman. But for the sake of this crossover… sure I’d love to see Nite Owl again. Or any of those characters for that matter.

I love how this story centers on Doctor Manhattan and his manipulation of time. Manhattan is essentially a giant blue god who hates wearing pants and is extremely bored with existence. Manipulating time seems like a way to create some fun with lives you feel are beneath you. A science experiment to see what his actions would do to an earth that doesn’t belong to him. But with those actions why can’t we believe that characters from The Watchmen universe reach out to our DC heroes. Someone like Ozymandias sees what Manhattan is up to and reaches out to the DC universe to help rid themselves of the pantless god problem. Could a team up be in the cards, where all these characters try and take down Mr. I Hate Pants? It would be pretty cool to see but I hope the focus is mainly on the DC universe versus Manhattan. Make it more personal and less spectacle. If that makes sense. Don’t get me wrong, I want to visit with some of those characters but I don’t want them to be the focal points.


All of this stems off of the excitement and refreshing nature of Rebirth #1 which not only saved the DC universe for me but reminded me just how important The Watchmen series is. Which is why I’ve decided that tomorrow I’m going to start re-reading it. This has been something I’ve been playing around with all year and I think the time is right. I’ve actually only read The Watchmen once and that was eight years ago when the movie came out. I think it’s time to go back and do my homework before “Doomsday Clock” hits shelves and to remind myself just how important and amazing this book is. I also think that with our current political climate that something like “The Watchmen” will hold a different type of social importance. I’m looking forward to experiencing all of that again with new eyes and new perspective.


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