Week In Geek 4/18/16

Hello Geeklings! Good news, I’m feeling a little more full of energy which is good because today is our coveted Week In Geek column. Please, please try and contain your excitement. Ah what the hell, go ahead and freak out a little. Feel better don’t you? Yeah, me too. What do you say we do this thing now? 1. Game of Thrones season six- Well this was the obvious … Continue reading Week In Geek 4/18/16

Book Shelf: Duma Key

On average I read any where between twenty-five to thirty books a year. As I’ve stated before I love reading, hell I just love stories, and am constantly plowing through books. Reading as much as I do I go through a lot of different types of books. For example there are the books that sound interesting and are good reads, but are easily forgotten. Then … Continue reading Book Shelf: Duma Key

Week In Geek 2/15/2016

What better way to kick off the week then a three day weekend?! I don’t know about you guys but I spent the majority of my day being pretty lazy and getting my relax on. I was still recovering from the awesomeness of the last nights Walking Dead (I’d say hands down one of the best episodes of the series), and had a handful of episodes … Continue reading Week In Geek 2/15/2016

My Geeky Valentine’s

In some ways doesn’t it seem that Valentine’s Day was created to make single people feel more lonely, sad, and less loved? That’s one of the things I dislike most about this Hallmark holiday, even when I was in a relationship. There’s something about February 14th that makes people feel like less, and I think that’s awful. For those of you who are in relationships, … Continue reading My Geeky Valentine’s

Book Shelf: Lisey’s Story

Welcome to a new column here at I Am Geek, Book Shelf. I figured with the best of 2015 finally wrapping it was time to start expanding the type of columns that would be appearing on the site. Things are still relatively new here, and I’m still trying to build the foundation, and Book Shelf is part of the building process. As I’ve mentioned before I read … Continue reading Book Shelf: Lisey’s Story