Week In Geek 4/18/16

Hello Geeklings! Good news, I’m feeling a little more full of energy which is good because today is our coveted Week In Geek column. Please, please try and contain your excitement. Ah what the hell, go ahead and freak out a little.


Feel better don’t you? Yeah, me too. What do you say we do this thing now?

JS - Tease1. Game of Thrones season six- Well this was the obvious answer don’t you think? My trepidation about this upcoming season has been noted here quite a bit, but I’d lying if I said wasn’t excited to jump back into the world of Westeros. There is a whole lot of uncharted territory ahead and for the first real time I have no idea what to expect when watching this show. I suspect that’ll be like how most of you felt when the Red Wedding went down. A part of that is super exciting and a larger part is super stressful. All I keep thinking is please don’t ruin the books, please don’t ruin the books, but also please be all types of awesome, please be all types of awesome. My brain can barely deal. All I know that come Sunday I’ll be taking a picture of my pop vinyls and Iron Throne in excitement for what’s to come that night. What can I say? I know nothing (ooooooh cheap plug).

209101572. Yes Please by Amy Poehler– As of the writing of this post I’m am 92% through this book and have absolutely loved it. I expected the book to be funny, which it is, but I didn’t count on the realness of Amy Poehler’s writing. She writes both guarded and unguarded and truthful and without apology. The book has been heartfelt, endearing, moving, educational, motivational, and all types of insightful. I love when you read something about or by someone and it changes the way you perceive them. Yes Please has tons of good advice to give out and I found myself relating to a great deal of it. I plan on finishing when Monday Night Raw hits those slow and boring parts later.  It’s a strong recommend. Plus the chapter on Parks and Rec gave me all the feels.

1273. Green Mile by Stephen King– When I was thirteen or fourteen years old I worked in the local chain drugstore, Genovese. It was one of my first real jobs outside of landscaping and it was all types of “meh”. I met some awesome people through it, dated a chronic liar who once sang Leann Rimes to me as a Christmas gift (true story), wore my first and only vacuum backpack (totally felt like a Ghostbuster), and learned that maybe a life in retail wasn’t quite the job for me. While I was stocking things from baby food to coloring books I came across the Green Mile by Stephen King which was being released in serial form. One book a month. I’ve always loved the idea of writing a serialized story and actually have plans to doing of myself one day, but I remember stocking those thin books on the shelves and being excited. I never read them but even at that young age I knew Stephen King’s words would change me (read Salem’s Lot for the first time in 6th grade so I was a fan). Fast forward to twenty years later and they are releasing the Green Mile in serial form again, with new badass covers. Having never gotten to this particular book and getting to experience it as it was intended, I am very excited. I’ve already downloaded the first part and should be starting it tomorrow. I love new Stephen King book day more than any other book day, and knowing that I have new Stephen King words to look forward to for the next three months is like the gift that keeps on giving.

zoom4. The Flash– I’m not entirely sure why The Flash took another break after just returning from a break, but I’m really looking forward to the shows return tomorrow night. Looks like we’re going to get a much needed explanation to who Zoom is as we gear up for the final five or so episodes. One of those episodes will be directed by Kevin Smith too so that’s pretty cool.

44664515-c667-4cdf-8a36-f84c10a0258d5. The 100– Alright I have a confession… during my listless night last night I started watching The 100. I had been debating whether or not to jump into it and kind of took a half ass plunge. Here’s the thing, I wasn’t going to watch The 100 because I didn’t want to get myself involved in another CW show. Arrow and The Flash were quite enough for me (thank you very much), but I’ve kept seeing things on the interwebs talking about how amazing The 100 is and how it’s more than what you think . Since I’ve only watched two and half episodes I don’t have a full opinion just yet. The show comes across as largely influenced by Lord of the Flies and maybe LOST a bit and other cool sci-fi like stuff. Here’s the thing that sold me though. I was reading an interview with Stephen King and the interviewer asked him what he was watching. One of the shows he listed was The 100 and I noticed he had a bunch of Tweets concerning the show. My thinking was if it’s good enough for Uncle Stevie then maybe it’s worth giving it a shot. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m adding one more CW show to my line up in hopes that everything I’ve read about it proves to be true.

* Fun Week In Geek trivia- every one of today’s items are book related (comics count). That’s pretty cool and totally unplanned. Yay books! * 

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