Today’s Favorite Text Message

Geeklings, I have to admit you caught me in a bit of a transitional phase high. I just finished my review for the Better Call Saul finale over at Fan Fest (which you should totally read here) and I’m all jazzed up. I think it’s one of my better pieces and has me all types of pumped. I don’t know how to describe it really. I used to be a high school athlete and I’m an avid football fan, so I think what I’m experiencing right now is a happy medium between these two feelings? Adrenaline is pumping and I’ve got that accomplished/kick ass high but there’s less cursing and yelling. Yeah that sums it up pretty good I think.

For today on I Am Geek I wanted to focus on my favorite text message of the day (this should not come as a surprise as it’s in the title… work with me people). This one came courtesy of my friend Michael (hiiiiiii Michael!)


This text tickled my fancy for a number of reasons. First the simplistic one, I love when friends and/or family members send thoughtful things like this. It’s like “hey I was thinking your geeky ass would enjoy this because I know you” and things like that are always touching.  It’s like thanks for taking those two seconds to send a positive thought my way. So high five Michael!

Second is this book really spoke to me. As you can see in the text it is a huge reason why I started this blog. Felicia Day sends such a positive message that tells you to believe in yourself, in your passions, and your abilities. The books underline message of don’t ever be ashamed of liking something has really resonated with me, and helped catapult this site over a hundred posts and was instrumental in getting my Fan Fest gig (as was my sister who sent me the link. Hiiiiiii Jen!!!).

Having just finished Yes Please last night, seeing Felicia Day’s book again just brought those feelings back to the forefront. Honestly I was having some of them while reading Amy Poehler’s fantastic book (highly recommend) and it was nice to be reminded of the impact those words had on me. As a matter of fact I felt the universe was speaking to me a lot today.

For example I was talking to my friend Jen at work (Hiiiiiiii Jen!!!) about mystery novels, and she told me that she was starting a series of books that her Dad reads. We started talking mystery books for a bit and told her I do the same thing with a series of books my Dad used to read. He was really into those Jack Reacher books by Lee Child and I read one a year cause it feels like I’m hanging out with him. Immediately after I said that “Just the Way You Are” by Billy Joel started playing on the work radio station. This song just so happens to be my parents wedding song. I don’t know it just felt like Dad was popping in to say hello (something he did repeatedly today through a couple of songs).

I like moments like that. Where I just feel very in tune with things. It’s comforting for the universe to be throwing things back at you. I don’t know how to explain it. I guess it’s this feeling that there are things out there that just get you in that moment. Does that make sense? I’m not really big in the whole the “universe is speaking to me” type writing. I just know that I felt my father’s presence for a bit this morning, and like the universe was reminding me through Michael’s text that Felicia Day really inspired me into doing something that I love, and I’m surrounded by wonderful people who support and encourage me to do so.

I guess I just felt grateful and if that means the universe was talking to me who am I to argue?

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