That Age Old Question…

What do I watch tonight people? Here are my options. Choose wisely.

  1. The_100_logoAs I noted here on Monday, I started watching The 100. Looking past the fact that it’s another CW show, it has my interest. I’m only three episodes in but the ending of the third one had me all like, whaaaaaaaat?!?!? I would like to continue watching tonight and see if I’m going to stick with it. I usually give shows a three episode swing before I agree to watch or purge them from my life. I’ve read that things really start to pick up around episode five (not that things have been boring) so I want to stick around. Plus the interwebs says all these glowing things about it, and the interwebs wouldn’t lie to me. Right? Plus everyone on the show, in typical CW fashion, is so pretty. Can’t I watch the weird sc-fi, Lord of the Flies, show where all the pretty people are trying to not act like LOST and die randomly? Please?

Buuuuuuuut there’s a problem. That’s option number two.

2.breaking_bad_css3_svg_raw I’ve got a bit of an itch… not that kind of itch you pervs. More like a meth based itch that I need to scratch. No I’m not addicted to meth. God this is going terribly. I want to watch Breaking Bad again. I should have just started with that and saved myself the trouble. Better Call Saul just wrapped on Monday and there have been tons of Breaking Bad connections, and my boss at work (Hiiiiii Ed!!) just started watching it for the first time and comes in every morning to discuss it (for those interested he’s half way through season three). On top of that I’m wearing my Los Pollos Hermanos shirt today, and all this Breaking Bad talking has made me realize that I really miss these characters. Plus I have all the seasons on DVD but haven’t watched them yet. Yes, I know that all the episodes are on Netflix but some things you just have to own, and I feel I owe it to these DVDs to watch them. I could totally sit down and start that journey again.

So there it is Geeklings. That’s my problem and here’s my solution. I’m thinking I’m going to go home and eat dinner foods. Whilst eating those dinner foods I’m going to watch an episode or two of The 100. When it comes time for bed I’m going to put on “The Fly” from season three of Breaking Bad and save that great re-watching for the weekend. This way if I’ve got nothing going on I can sit there and watch until my eyes bleed.

I’m open for suggestions though. Tell me what to watch. Help me! What if I make the wrong choice? Is there a wrong choice? Sigh

P.S. I have awesome posts up at Fan Fest for you guys to check out

  • Orphan Black preview for this week, here
  • The Pull List comic book column, here

Both are a real good time. I promise

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