We Speak Geek Episode 2 Now Live

Geeklings, you’re going to have to bear with me as I’ve been writing all night and currently running on fumes. I just want to survive long enough to get home, crack open a beer, read a comic or two, and watch Mr. Robot. Holy crap, did you see all those plugs I just made?! Yeah, I think I’m pretty awesome too. Well, the above paragraph isn’t … Continue reading We Speak Geek Episode 2 Now Live

Today’s Favorite Text Message

Geeklings, I have to admit you caught me in a bit of a transitional phase high. I just finished my review for the Better Call Saul finale over at Fan Fest (which you should totally read here) and I’m all jazzed up. I think it’s one of my better pieces and has me all types of pumped. I don’t know how to describe it really. I used to … Continue reading Today’s Favorite Text Message

Week In Geek 3/21/16

Geeklings! What is going on?! Happy Monday to you all. We have got ourselves a week filled with wonderful, geek like things so what do you say we hop right into this bad boy? 1. Batman vs. Superman– It’s finally here. The release of Batman vs Superman. Time to see how much of a shit show this movie is going to be. I’m still not holding high … Continue reading Week In Geek 3/21/16

The Comic Book Remedy

Hello Geeklings! Did you miss me? I’ve missed you! It’s been a weird writing week here at I Am Geek, and I’m sorry. St. Patrick’s Day really threw things off for me. Thursday (the actual holiday) I had off from work and wrote two posts for Fan Fest before dinner at my sisters. By the time I got home I was too tired to fully commit to … Continue reading The Comic Book Remedy

Coloring Books

Today has been a good day fellow Geeklings. My first post to Fan Fest was posted (a review for episode three of Better Call Saul that you can check out here) and I’ve already written my second to either be posted later tonight or tomorrow. Needless to say I’ve got a pretty good “high on life” buzz going on right now, and what better way to … Continue reading Coloring Books

Week In Geek 2/29/2016

Hello fellow Geeklings! It’s Monday and you know what means… Week In Geek! February gave us it’s every four year bonus day so you would think that would make this week a little extra exciting. Who doesn’t love bonus day? Although wouldn’t it be kind of cooler if bonus day actually was a like an added day to the week. So every four years we … Continue reading Week In Geek 2/29/2016