The Comic Book Remedy

Hello Geeklings! Did you miss me? I’ve missed you! It’s been a weird writing week here at I Am Geek, and I’m sorry. St. Patrick’s Day really threw things off for me. Thursday (the actual holiday) I had off from work and wrote two posts for Fan Fest before dinner at my sisters. By the time I got home I was too tired to fully commit to a new post. Friday I gave you guys that lame “I’m too tired to write but I’m writing any way” post, and then yesterday I was off celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with our towns annual parade, thus no post. Needless to say the last half of the week hasn’t been the best for posts here, but it’s Sunday and time to turn things around.

Like I said yesterday was my towns annual St. Patrick’s Day parade which always tends to be a great deal of fun. That is if you consider drinking with friends and family at ten o’clock in the morning to be fun, which I do. Don’t get me wrong it’s not just a drinking thing, although there is plenty of that, but it’s a time to do some socializing and dancing in overall merriment (and in some cases rapping your face off. Yup. Pretty sure there are videos some where…now that I think about it that’s rather alarming… Nah! I killed it). For me it was pretty cool because a bunch of people wanted to talk about the writing gigs, and it helps keep those fires lit when you think/know people are reading what you’re writing.

Yet sadly the fun can only last so long and since I’m no longer in my twenties my body doesn’t recover in the same way it used to. Lucky for me I was more sore and beat up then hungover. Not sure if that makes sense but its true. I woke up this morning (like three different times) and it felt like a bunch of people beat me with wiffleball bats while I slept. A feeling that I am familiar with because my friends and I are idiots (Hi Tim and Brad!), fantastic/glorious idiots. While I celebrated the lack of traditional hangover I was still a bit rundown and had the desire to do a whole heap of nothing. Like nothing nothing. Like let me just be a slug all day nothing. And that’s what I’ve been doing today. Nothing. I’ve applied what I’m calling the Comic Book Remedy. Allow me to explain.

vlcsnap.2013.08.08.12h01m53s248Last night I had a pretty lengthy discussion with  my friend Brendon about an animated DC movie, called the Flashpoint Paradox. While Brendon might have given away more plot details then I wanted, he gets excited don’t fault him, he definitely peeked my curiosity. So when I woke up for the third time this morning I turned on Netflix to watch the last ten minutes of Daredevil episode “New York’s Finest”, which by the way is sooooooooo freakin’ awesome (we’ll get there), and once finished saw that Flashpoint was available to watch. And that’s what I did. While I don’t read a lot of DC books I feel that watching Arrow and Flash had me very prepared for this movie (which is also a comic series for those curious). I’m a sucker for alternate reality stories and this one changed the DC landscape in pretty epic ways. I won’t give too much away but in this universe Batman is Thomas Wayne (whaaaaaat) and there is a war going on between Wonder Woman and Aquaman. It’s dark and violent and was a great way for me to embrace my body pain and ease out of bed.

1458335507520Next up on the Comic Book Remedy was season two of Daredevil which I’m trying to savor but I just don’t see how I’m not going to plow through this thing. I’ve only watched two episodes today (and the end of episode three again) and I’m in love. I was a huge fan of season one but I think the gloves are off for season two and the show seems a bit more crisp and darker. The characters and the environment have been established and now we get to see how Hell’s Kitchen is  responding to the arrival of Daredevil. Not to mention there’s been a whole lot of Punisher (which I’m willing to say is going to go down as the best portrayal of this character) and Elektra just showed up (and has already put Jennifer Garner to shame. Like badly. I’m sorry Jen. Hugs). I’m addicted and very invested in this universe. Expect a lengthy write up once I’ve finished watching.

Power-Man-and-Iron-Fist-CoverWhile the movie and the show have taken up a large part of my day, I’ve still had time to go to Comixology and look up the sales. I’ve been torn whether or not to buy some Frank Miller Daredevil stories (huge sale on the site. Comic book sales scare my wallet). Ultimately I decided on buying the first issue of Power Man and Iron Fist and the third issue of the current Daredevil run which I’m planning on reading once I’m done talking to you guys. I’m a little backed up on comics, something that happens often, but I love binge reading them so it’s not necisarrily the worst thing to happen to me. Both the purchases were Netflix themed (Luke Cage will get a show in September and Iron Fist some time next year) cause when I get excited about something I need to bury myself in it. Currently I’m excited about the Hell’s Kitchen aspect of the Marvel universe so I need to read all of it apparently. Although I refuse to look up spoilers about the Karen Page character in Daredevil (who I love!). I want to watch as her story unfolds on the show. Seems like there’s some darkness there. Guess that means I’ll just have to watch more. Shucks!

I’ll wrap things up tonight by watching The Walking Dead which has been on fire lately. Since coming back from the season break, The Walking Dead has yet to give a poor episode and I have no reason to believe that tonight will be any different. I actually went back and re-read some of the first appearance of Negan and it was way worse than I remembered. I’ll say again, brace yourself for The Walking Dead anger because it will be real and it will be venom.

In a nutshell the Comic Book Remedy has kept me afloat today. While yes some may consider this as a wasted day, I consider it a whole lot of me time and relaxing. Or recovering. More like recovering. Oh and preparation because apparently there’s a snow storm heading my way. A part of me is kind of hoping that it’s a blizzard and I have to stay home from work thus forcing me to watch more Daredevil. Wouldn’t that be the worst?


For those looking to keep up with my writings over at Fan Fest, I’ve had a busy week over there. Here are the links to my latest posts. See yous tomorrow for the Week In Geek. Stay frosty.

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