Special Announcement

Geeklings, I want to say it was a little over, or maybe less than, a month ago where I said during a Week A Geek that I had something in the pipelines that I was hoping to announce relatively soon. Well, considering how lazy I’m being by not looking up which column I said this in, I have all the time in the world to actually tell you guys about this new adventure/project.

First a little preface for backstory and to build suspense. About two years ago, a few months less than two, my sister sent me a link about writing for a website called Fan Fest. You might have heard me mention it here once or twice. I got the job, as you already know, and since then have been writing television show reviews and comic book columns building my writing portfolio and really just having the best time of it. Working for Fan Fest has been an absolute blast, a tremendous learning experience, and I love how it works adjacent to my time here at I Am Geek.

One of the first things I mentioned to my boss when I started working for Fan Fest, was  that I was interested in doing podcasting. Something, at the time, I had never done before, I just knew it was an avenue that I wanted to travel. As you recall there’s a little podcast here I Am Geek that isn’t dead just on a small break, we’re busy people, that I used to help give me a better understanding of what it would be like recording a show. I was informed at the time that Fan Fest wasn’t looking to travel down that path just yet so I kind of waited things out. I started my own podcast, got some experience, and asked every so often if I could maybe do a show.

Fan Fest has recently gotten pretty heavy into video content, that you can find on our Facebook page, so I took it upon myself to ask about hosting a podcast again. And my request was met. I was asked to pitch a show, which I did and found super stressful and awesome at the same time, they read my pitch and agreed. First off, I was super stoked. The writing of a podcast pitch was such a weird feeling and I knew instantly that this is what I wanted to be doing. As we tried to develop the show it took some different twists and turns and the pitch kind of evolved into a different show. I was excited about the new direction and things really started to pick up.

My editor wanted to expedite the show sooner rather than later, I found myself a co-host in the ever awesome McKenzie Morrell and we shot around some ideas and four days later we recorded a test episode for the powers to be. Things went well, really well, and after some discussion, we were picked up for a show.

It’s real. Very real.

So it’s with a great deal of excitement that I wanted to tell you guys that you can find the first episode of our brand new podcast, We Speak Geek, over at Fan Fest. In fact, you can find that podcast riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight…

H E R E 

Fan Chat

We Speak Geek is going to be a bi-weekly show that tackles all types of geeky content. We’re really looking to get you guys involved to chat with us. The show even has a Twitter page (@wespkgeek) that you guys can follow and Tweet at us thoughts and questions… obviously, you know how Twitter works. Our first episode tackles the idea of whether or not movie trailers are spoiling the movies they’re promoting or not but future episodes will deal with such things as Best Christmas Movies (spoiler it’s Die Hard), too many reboots, name that crappy horror film on Netflix, and writers rooms that got it right. We’re covering the geeky spectrum in hopes everyone can find something worth discussing. We really want you guys to be a big part of the show.

If you can’t tell I’m really thrilled about the prospect of this project and really hope you’ll follow us for the ride. We’re in the outlining phase for episode two, which we’re recording early next week, and McKenzie has been working hard on getting us a legit graphic, which I’ll share as soon as we have it finalized.

There you have it Geeklings, please stop in and send any feedback our way. This feels like an awesome opportunity and we’re going to kick its ass. Moving upwards and onwards my friends. Throw me a line on Twitter (@iamgeek32) or McKenzie (@MckenzieLyn) to let us know what you think or if there’s anything you would like us to cover.

Let’s speak geek.

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