HBO Max Is Here

As if there weren’t enough streaming options already, HBO Max has arrived today throwing its name in the ring of streaming services you should probably subscribe too. I know at this point you probably have subscriptions to Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Shudder, Apple+, Amazon Prime, and any other obscure but slightly necessary streaming network giving you the ability to watch everything. We live in a world … Continue reading HBO Max Is Here

A Home Alone Reboot?

Deary Disney, Yesterday I may have read a couple of columns that stated that you were thinking about doing a modern-day Home Alone. Not so much a reboot but a reimagining of the franchise. Something to put on the upcoming Disney+ for a brand new generation of viewers. Well, on behalf of everyone (and yes I’m willing to put the term everyone on my shoulders)… Please … Continue reading A Home Alone Reboot?

Does The Night King Need To Speak?

Fiction is a really interesting/powerful thing, he said in a generic/bland writer’s voice. Could there be a more generic opening to a column? I’m not sure, but it doesn’t negate the fact that sometimes the most obvious observations are the ones we often overlook. With that being said, fiction is a really interesting/powerful thing. Often times we read, watch, or even playthings for the hero … Continue reading Does The Night King Need To Speak?

Week In Geek: New Alien Covenant Trailer, Carrie Fisher’s Last Book, and Watchmen/DC Crossover On the Horizon?

It’s funny, I only took one week off from The Week In Geek while I worked on the Best of 2016 list, which is now complete. Thankfully. For awhile there I wasn’t so sure. I had a looooooong work week last week and the fact that I was able to write at all was a victory. With all that aside though it feels like forever since I last spent a … Continue reading Week In Geek: New Alien Covenant Trailer, Carrie Fisher’s Last Book, and Watchmen/DC Crossover On the Horizon?

3. Rogue One

I’m sure some of you have been wondering how it’s possible that I haven’t discussed Rogue One yet, and I get it. When you think back to the history of I Am Geek (we’re a year old now of course we have a history) then you’ll remember that this site started in a glow of Star Wars love. I opened the site right around the time The Force Awakens was released and spent … Continue reading 3. Rogue One