Coloring Books


Today has been a good day fellow Geeklings. My first post to Fan Fest was posted (a review for episode three of Better Call Saul that you can check out here) and I’ve already written my second to either be posted later tonight or tomorrow. Needless to say I’ve got a pretty good “high on life” buzz going on right now, and what better way to celebrate that buzz then going home and busting out my coloring books!

That’s right you read that right…coloring books. I’ve been considering it for a while now and finally took the leap into coloring books aimed at adults. Now be sure to read that carefully because I did not say adult coloring books. Spoiler alert that is something else entirely. Like you can’t help but be sort of mortified but yet you also can’t help but think hmmmm. What?! Don’t judge me! I can guarantee at least one of you is going on Amazon later tonight to check out what I mean.

Any way I’ve been looking to make the leap into coloring books because, honestly, it just looks so relaxing. I haven’t actually sat down to color since I was a kid or working as a teacher, and what I remember of it is everything else just kind of melts away. Sometimes I feel that it’s kind of important. Just turn off the world a little bit and color some freakin’ pictures. My sister and mom recently hooked me up with Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad books and I’m debating if I want to color in meth or dragons. One of life’s greater decisions.

With all my shows on some sort of perverse spring break (looking at you Flash and Arrow) tonight is mainly going to consist of reading another chapter or two of The Prisoner of Azkaban, a little season six of Parks and Rec, and a dash of coloring. I don’t want to brag fellow Geeklings, but it appears that I’m living the dream. Or at the very least I’m having a one of those #treatyoself moments. And isn’t that what life’s all about?

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