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Hello fellow Geeklings and happy Friday to you, unless you have to work tomorrow (like I do) and Friday means nothing what so ever. In that case happy day of the week to you that is just like any other day and does not proceed a day off. When I sat down to write tonight I had a subject in mind and then discovered that I wasn’t entirely sure that I could get a full post out of it. Well, that’s not entirely sure. I could get a full post but I think I would just come across as creepy and I really wasn’t looking to deal with that. While I was dealing with this “problem” I realized I haven’t done a Geek Bits column in awhile so why not make this post about a  number of different things? Since this is my site that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

  • tumblr_muugwdMumw1sne8geo2_500_0Let’s start with what was originally slated to be today’s post…Tatiana Maslany. Insert heart swooning noise here….and here….and one more here (you see now how this could have gotten creeppy? What? It’s already creepy? Moving on…). As I continue watching Parks and Rec (currently a quarter through season 6. It’s almost over guys. Sad face emoji) I was pleasantly greeted by an appearance by Tatiana Maslany for her two episode story arc. I had totally forgotten that I had read that she did a small stint on the show. I really enjoy watching things and discovering someone you really enjoy popping on screen unexpected. Plus it was really fun to see Maslany in a role outside of Orphan Black. Granted she plays like twelve different roles on the show that cover all ranges… scratch that. It was fun seeing her play a roll outside of the Orphan Black story line. I haven’t seen her in anything but that show so it’s nice to know that she exists when it’s not airing…
  • orphan-black-season-four-posterSpeaking of Orphan Black, the appearance of Tatiana Maslany on Parks and Rec made realize we’re only a month or so away from the shows return. Naturally I went to Google and re-watched the season four trailer and checked out some of the new poster art. I really am digging this sheep mask look. For me it’s the right amount of mysterious, creepy, and mix of the Wyatt family from WWE. I’m also thinking about getting this poster framed for my apartment but wonder how it would effect my psyche seeing a person clad in sheep mask every day…I’m tabling this for discussion.
  • Outside Tatiana Maslany news, I finished Prisoner of Azkaban and seriously think it could be the best of all the Harry Potter books. I also suspect that I’ll be saying this after each book I complete. But for serious Azkaban is something special. It’s that book that starts to change the tone of the story and leads us towards darker territory. Not to mention (fun fact alert) Azkaban is the only Harry Potter book where Voldemort (shhhhh don’t say his name!!) doesn’t appear physically. Chew on that for a bit while I tell you my next book is Written In Fire by Marcus Sakey (book three of the Brilliance trilogy). If you’re curious to what this is think X-Men meet a Jack Reacher novel or the equivalent of a pop corn movie in novel form. Fun but not going to change the world.
  • CW2teaser-Jean-6b7faSpeaking of changing the world, Marvel has been issuing teaser images to get us prepped for Civil War II. We’ve already gotten images of Thor (the Lady Thor version for those of you out of the know) and Black Panther. Today saw the release of Jean Grey attached to the familiar slogan “Protect the Future. Change the Future.” While these teasers aren’t revealing where these characters allegiances will fall, I’m happy to see that Jean Grey will be, seemingly, getting a big roll in the upcoming event. Grey has always been one of my top three X-Men and Bendis (who is penning Civil War II) has had a solid history writing X-Men books. From what I recall from the first Civil War event the X-Men mostly sat out dealing with their own problems (no mutants and all). I’ll be curious to see what happens when they’re thrown into the fray here. Also it seems like we have some straight up Phoenix teasing going on right. Woot Woot.
  • giphy (2)Our final piece of geekery (new word what do you think?) rounding off this Geek Bits column is it appears we’ll be getting new episodes of Rick and Morty sooner then expected. While I still have yet to watch season two, not until I finish Parks and Rec, I’m excited to know that I won’t have to wait till 2017 for new episodes unlike my wait for more Fargo and Master of None. On top of that I hear that the season will be fourteen episodes opposed to ten. The more Dan Harmon products the better says I.

So there you have some Geek Bits for your eyeholes. For those of you looking to keep up with my work over at Fan Fest I have three new columns up which you can find here, here, and here. Until then fellow Geeklings I leave you with this. Insert swooning noise here…Okay okay I’ll stop. *swooning*


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