We Speak Geek Episode 2 Now Live

Geeklings, you’re going to have to bear with me as I’ve been writing all night and currently running on fumes. I just want to survive long enough to get home, crack open a beer, read a comic or two, and watch Mr. Robot. Holy crap, did you see all those plugs I just made?! Yeah, I think I’m pretty awesome too.

Well, the above paragraph isn’t where the plugs stop Geeklings. That’s right, I’ve got one more for you. If you recall a few weeks ago I announced a very special project that myself and fellow Fan Fest writer, McKenzie Morrell, were working on in the form of a brand-spankin’ new podcast. You guys were awesome giving it a listen and giving us some feedback. We’re really excited about the project. In fact, we’re so excited we just released our second episode that you can fiiiiiiiiiiiiiind

H E R E 

Episode Two takes on a number of different Halloween themed questions while talking about New York Comic Con, the new iphone, Stranger Things, and other pop culture relevant subjects. McKenzie and I are really excited about this project and putting a lot of work into it for you guys to enjoy (check out our new theme song!). The show is going to be bi-weekly so listen to both episodes and be completely caught up for episode three. #podcastgoals

Be sure to leave us some feedback also as we really want to make this super interactive with you guys. We want to speak geek with all of you as well so you can feel represented. You can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. McKenzie is @McKenzieLyn and the show, We Speak Geek is @WeSpkGeek. Gives us a follow and tell your friends. Our first episode currently has a total of 292 listens (just went up a bit in the last couple of hours actually) and episode two is already at 259. We’d really like top episode one’s numbers and build the fan base.

Thanks for listening, and for the plug heavy post. Be sure to return to I Am Geek tomorrow for brand new, kick-ass content.


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