Writer’s Block

Geeklings, I really wanted to come here and write a post for you but my Mr. Robot review took my whole night up. For whatever reason, I couldn’t find the right avenue into my thoughts and what came out is… well, I don’t know. It might not be my best review but it could be worst. I finished it so there’s that and I think I highlighted the main objectives.

It gets frustrating when you think about writing all day, as a form of keeping your sanity, and you sit in front of your screen and you have no idea what you’re going to say. Then you think harder and eventually, you find the words but too much time has gone by and you can’t write anything else. It’s a bummer but I really did want to stop in today and say hi to everyone. I’m planning some posts for the site for next week and hopefully, I don’t run into any of these brain fart problems.

In the meantime allow me to leave you with a couple of things to occupy your time with until I return, which could be at some point this weekend. Most likely Sunday with a Thor review.

  • Read Dark Nights Metal: Batman the Devastator. What a bad ass issue. Essentially this evil Batman injects himself with the Doomsday virus because the Superman from his universe turned heel. That’s the only way Superman works for me if he’s the villain. You know this though. Anyway, the book is crazy and adds a new dynamic to the Batman/Superman relationship. Plus the action is pretty intense. I won’t tell you who but someone loses an arm. Go read it, now!
  • If you haven’t had a chance yet, go to Fan Fest and listen to the latest episode of We Speak Geek. I know it’s Halloween themed but it doesn’t stop it from being a good listen.

Finally, let me leave you with this. I found it on Twitter at some point today and I’ve been laughing at it ever since. Enjoy Geeklings, and I’ll see you all this weekend!

Look man idk what’s wrong, last week it was running purrrrrfectly.”

“You think what I do for a living is a fucking joke Gary?”

Cat Smoking

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