DC Fandome Schedule Is HERE!

Geeklings, we are only a few short days away from DC Fandome and let me tell you, I’m getting antsy in my pantsy. Perhaps it’s the yearning for a collection of new content that has me hyped considering COVID has sucked up all that is awesome this year. Perhaps it’s the need to see more of Matt Reeve’s Batman or James Gunn’s Suicide Squad that … Continue reading DC Fandome Schedule Is HERE!

Matt Reeves’s Batman- First Look At Robert Pattinson

It has been a slow news week. There hasn’t been much to get excited about. Sure there’s the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie but outside of that… meh. Next week looks to pick things back up again which is great for me as there hasn’t been a lot of content to write about. I was actually coming here to write a filler piece about the … Continue reading Matt Reeves’s Batman- First Look At Robert Pattinson

Is the Arrowverse Jumping the Shark With Batwoman?

Last year was not a good year for the Arrowverse. Outside of Black Lightning and Legends of Tomorrow (which I heard was stellar), it was kind of a down year for everyone’s favorite CW superheroes. The Flash focused too hard on being light and funny that it kind of lost track of what made the show great. The introduction of Elastic Man didn’t help either as he single-handedly became the worst part of … Continue reading Is the Arrowverse Jumping the Shark With Batwoman?

Can Batman Be Happy?

This column contains massive spoilers to Batman #50 and the majority of Tom King’s current Batman run. Read at your own risk. This column premiered on Fan Fest News but I liked it so much I shared it here too!  There was supposed to be a wedding this week. For the better part of a year, we’ve been going through the preparations. No wedding is ever easy. There is a ton … Continue reading Can Batman Be Happy?

Justice League Trailer-Playing w/ Others

I’m having a tough time right now Geeklings. Today’s a big day for comic book nerds, especially if you’re a DC comic book nerd, as a new trailer for the Justice League has just dropped. Not unexpectedly as DC was hyping this release with a number of individual character trailers on Thursday. You know, build up anticipation for this little known project. And that is what we’re going to … Continue reading Justice League Trailer-Playing w/ Others

The Proposed Summer of DC

*originally published on Fan Fest but I liked it so much I wanted to share it here too* When you think about comic books there are two factions that immediately jump to mind. There’s DC and there’s Marvel. Yes, as a comic book fan I’m perfectly aware that places like Image and Dark Horse are producing stellar comics, but I’m a comic book guy,  I … Continue reading The Proposed Summer of DC

Week In Geek 3/21/16

Geeklings! What is going on?! Happy Monday to you all. We have got ourselves a week filled with wonderful, geek like things so what do you say we hop right into this bad boy? 1. Batman vs. Superman– It’s finally here. The release of Batman vs Superman. Time to see how much of a shit show this movie is going to be. I’m still not holding high … Continue reading Week In Geek 3/21/16