DC Fandome Schedule Is HERE!

Geeklings, we are only a few short days away from DC Fandome and let me tell you, I’m getting antsy in my pantsy. Perhaps it’s the yearning for a collection of new content that has me hyped considering COVID has sucked up all that is awesome this year. Perhaps it’s the need to see more of Matt Reeve’s Batman or James Gunn’s Suicide Squad that has me anxiously waiting for Saturday. Mayhap, it’s the hate in my heart for the Snyder Cut and the ability to see a trailer for this train wreck that has left me alllll types of excited. That’s right, I’m gonna hate-watch the shit out of that thing. Maybe it’s a collection of all this, I don’t even know. Not like it actually matters either. In a few days, we’ll have enough new content to feast on in a world without a lot of content feasts. Oh, happiest of happy days!

Here’s the thing though, DC Fandome is only supposed to be a twenty-four hour event which has me… curious? Suspect? Slightly nervous? Listen, nothing lasts only twenty-four hours on the internet. Once it’s made available someone is going to have a copy for you to find which leads me to believe that any trailers or teasers that are dropped on Saturday should be available for mass consumption. But DC is claiming only time travel will allow us to view missed content, and unless you have a time traveling treadmill like the Flash this might be a little alarming. Plus, this is DC and nothing they’ve done has been smooth. I’m psyched for Fandome but if DC’s movie model is what we have to lean on then I’d be a little nervous that if you miss a panel in that twenty-four hour period you might actually miss the content until the mass public release. Eeeeep!

I don’t want that to happen to you though Geeklings! And while I’ll be updating any news worthy items on Twitter or our Facebook page, I feel that it’s important that you have the DC Fandome schedule for yourself. This way you can plug any reminders into your phone and plan your Saturday accordingly like me. And by plan, clearly I mean lock yourself away despite the weather so you can consume geeky goodness.  I’ve got a feeling this is going to be SDCC news worthy so I Am Geek should be pretty busy that day. Again, things to look forward to.

Before you can start planning you’ll need that schedule and I Am Geek has your hook up. Feast your eyeholes below for the full Fandome panel time and schedule…

Now, if you miss a panel don’t freak out. Rumors are that panels will be rerunning three times during the twenty-four hours so you’ll have opportunities if you forget one because you’re busy having a social life. If you’re like me and planning to be glued to your phone on Saturday, what panel have you Joker giggling with delight? I for one can’t wait for the Suicide Squad movie and game news, upcoming Batman “Court of Owls” game, the Snyder Cut because #hate, Tom King’s Rorschach panel, and Matt Reeves’s Batman to round things off. Be sure to sound off in the comments with what panel(s) are playing with your heartstrings or if you’d like to talk more Fandome you can find me @iamgeek32 on Twitter. In a few short days, there will be tons to discuss… my heart/social media accounts are ready. Hope to see you there! 

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