Matt Reeves’s Batman- First Look At Robert Pattinson

It has been a slow news week. There hasn’t been much to get excited about. Sure there’s the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie but outside of that… meh. Next week looks to pick things back up again which is great for me as there hasn’t been a lot of content to write about. I was actually coming here to write a filler piece about the fight I’m having with the current book I’m reading when something miraculous happened.

I found new content on Twitter. Not just new content, juicy new content. That’s like the best kind guys.

By now you all know that Matt Reeves is rebooting the Batman movie franchise over at DC and if you’ve been paying attention then you know that just about everyone is in this movie. The cast is pretty stacked with some superb actors but all these actors have me a little apprehensive. We’ve got Andy Serkis as Alfred, Colin Farrell as The Penguin, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, the Jesus himself, John Turturro as Carmine Falcone, Paul Dano as The Riddler, Jefffrey Wright as Commissioner Gordon, and of course Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader himself. That’s a pretty full deck. A deck so full that I’m starting to get those Spider-Man 3 vibes where the movie might be trying to do too much at once. Sometimes giving all the awesome from the jump can be overwhelming and instead of getting something like a true The Long Halloween adaptation we end up with emo dancing Peter Parker. Of course, I could be wrong but DC’s films haven’t really earned the street cred that Marvel has. It’s one thing hearing Marvel doing Infinity War with alllllll the heroes they’ve introduced because those characters and moments have been earned. Sometimes with DC it seems like things are thrown in all at once to entice the fan base but it ends up being Doomsday in BvS.

All this is beside the point. We’re getting a new Batman trilogy from Matt Reeves and that’s super cool. There hasn’t been a solo Batman series since Christopher Nolan wrapped his iconic Dark Knight Trilogy and I’m excited to see Batman on the screen again. Hopefully done correctly and with far less murdering. Again, sorry, I just can’t help myself.

With the casting of Pattinson, we’ve all been anxiously waiting to see what he’ll look like in the Bat-Suit and Reeves gave us our first glimpse today when he leaked a camera test for the character giving me something to finally write about this week and to get comic book Twitter all riled up.

Let’s start with the positive. I love that Michael Giacchino is doing the score here. He’s written some of my favorite scores of all time. Just look at his work on LOST if you don’t believe me. His music added the right tone to this camera test. It instantly got me hyped. I felt Gotham in the music and that was a really nice, unexpected touch. I already love what Reeves has in mind for this universe.

The Bat Symbol… looked cool. Had a real Arkham Asyulm/City feel to it. I’m digging the idea of this suit. It seems basic and less bulky then Affleck’s. The way Batman comes out of the darkness is outstanding and adds to the presence of the character. It’s dark and brooding and seems kind of dangerous. The imagery perfectly matches the score and I’m a sucker for that every time. This is what draws me in.

Outside of all that… did anyone else kind of get a Daredevil feel here? The lighting is redish giving me those Matt Murdock vibes. We never get to see the cowl in full (give me the Bat Ears!) and the mask had me thinking Netflix’s Daredevil and how badly I want a fourth season of that. My main concern though is Pattinson’s presence… I think homeboy needs to bulk up some. I don’t know, I’m trying not to be too picky but Batman is a different caliber hero than someone like Aquaman. He needs to be done correctly and I’ve strongly believed that Pattinson would make an excellent Bruce Wayne, but my jury is still out on his Batman. This first look, has me wondering a little more.

Of course, this is a camera test and in no way a final look at Reeve’s depiction of Batman. Like I said though, it’s been a slow news week and I got to get worked up about something. What do you think Geeklings? Are you happy with our first look at Robert Pattinson as Batman? Did you get Daredevil vibes too? Are you more excited, less excited, or neutral to this upcoming trilogy? Be sure to cut loose with your comments below or if you’d like to talk more about this camera test you can find me on the Twitter @iamgeek32. I’m optimistic just not sold yet… now it’s your turn to feel things.

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