Week In Geek 2/29/2016

Hello fellow Geeklings! It’s Monday and you know what means… Week In Geek! February gave us it’s every four year bonus day so you would think that would make this week a little extra exciting. Who doesn’t love bonus day? Although wouldn’t it be kind of cooler if bonus day actually was a like an added day to the week. So every four years we would get February 29th and a new day added to the week, let’s call it, Bonusday (how innovative!). I propose that Bonusday be a national holiday where everyone gets the day off of work and school to do something they love. I feel that we should write our local Congress people about this idea, and possibly Neil deGrasse Tyson so he could figure out how add a new 24 hour day to an eight day week once every four years… I think my nose just started bleeding. Let’s just get to it shall we?

fanfest_logov2saul-art11. Better Call Saul/Comic Book Reviews– I know it was only a couple of weeks ago that Better Call Saul was on Week In Geek but it’s spot this week is for an entirely different reason. As I mentioned here a few days ago I will be writing for the Fan Fest website and I learned today that I will be writing recaps for Better Call Saul as well as comic book reviews. Since Fan Fest doesn’t really have a comic book section yet this is a really exciting adventure for me. I’m still talking with the editor and chief but there’s a strong possibility that my first recap will be up later tonight (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!).

SM2016002_cov2. Spider-Man #2- It’s so good to have a Miles Morales book to look forward to every month again. When we last left Miles he was wielding Captain America’s shield and getting scolded by Peter Parker’s Spider-Man. Looking forward to this issue as Miles continues to find his footing in the new Marvel Universe.

Harry_Potter_and_the_Prisoner_of_Azkaban_(US_cover)3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban– Duma Key is finished so the great re-reading of Harry Potter continues! Need I say more?

51QdZgJtjeL._SX372_BO1,204,203,200_4. Breaking Bad adult coloring book- I think it has taken me far to long to jump into the world of adult coloring books, and what better way to pop that cherry then with a Breaking Bad themed book. If this goes as well as I think it’s going to go, then bring on that Game of Thrones coloring book I was eyeing at Target last week. These things don’t stand a chance. I’m also really excited to be coloring with colored pencils. I figured since I’m an adult now I can put the crayons aside and really show some inner growth.

5. Daredevil Season 2 Trailer Part 2- Wow that is a lot to say. I know this item made the list last week (also thank you all for excusing my incorrect date), and I must say it totally lived up to the hype. After the premire of the Punisher themed trailer, I was not surprised to see this one focused more on Elektra, and now I’m trying to figure out which one was better. Right now the Elektra trailer has the lead but it also brought ninjas with it sooooooo I’m not entirely sure if that’s fair. I’ve read a couple of advanced reviews of the season (by read I mean glanced and skimmed over anything that seemed like an actual spoiler just so I could see the rating) and it seems that show hasn’t lost any of it’s steam. Very much looking forward to mid-March for this one!

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