The Oscars…Until Walking Dead Starts


I love award shows. Especially the Oscars but this year I find myself a little bit on the outside. In years past I have watched a large collection of the nominated films so I can have a good grasp on who should win and who I should bitch about winning. Every year there is that critical darling that wins when something better sits unrecognized (looking at you Shakespear In Love. How did that possibly beat Saving Private Ryan?!), and I usually go on social media and voice my opinions. This year though I believe I’ve only seen one of the nominated films, Mad Max: Fury Road, and read the books of two others (The Martian and Room). This is the most unprepared for the Oscars I’ve ever been. So I ask myself, why is that?

The answer is actually rather simple. I’ve become more of a TV kind of guy. While I love film and often go to the movies, not as often as I would like hence my lack of Oscar films, but lately I’ve had the mentality that if I’m going to pay the money to see something in the theater it’s going to be something I’m dying to see. TV shows are literally at my finger tips at all times, and have, in my opinion, become the go to medium. And why shouldn’t it? We as an audience get more story and get to spend more time with characters. Plus the quality of television shows gets better and better every year. Look at shows like Breaking Bad. Could you honestly say that all the best pictures that won during it’s tenure were better than Breaking Bad? I don’t know if I could say that with a straight face because I strongly believe Breaking Bad is the greatest thing I’ve ever watched, and lately I’m not so sure if that means just on a television screen. I believe that we live in a world where film has become the second best form of entertainment (*gasp*).

Now my lack of viewing doesn’t mean I’m out of the loop. I’ve been paying attention to all the hype. It seems that Brie Larson (who if you’re reading this for whatever reason, I think you’re magical and I loved you on Community. If you ever find yourself on Long Island and want to grab a beer or breakfast for dinner drop me a line.) is going to take Best Actress as she’s been cleaning up every award show, and this might actually be the year Leo gets his gold. It seems that Best Picture could go a few different ways… who I am I kidding I’m not entirely sure just give Dicaprio his Oscar already.

The fact of the matter is since I’m so unprepared for these Academy Awards I’m actually looking more forward to The Walking Dead, which I’m recording I might add. Like there’s a good chance I’m going to switch over once The Walking Dead starts or maybe wait a few minutes so I can fast forward through the commercials. Like a boss.

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