Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Hello fellow Geeklings, I’m sure you’re all still reeling from yesterdays post, and I’m also willing to bet that there have been some of you who have been singing that song all day. I wasn’t lying was I? It’s the happiest song on Earth.

I know I use Sunday as a way to jump into some larger editorial but I haven’t fleshed out a full idea yet so I’m feeling kind of listless. I’ve had a pretty productive day today and now I’m in a state of “what do I do now?”. I got some reading done both with my book and comics, I did a massive food shopping and food prep for the week, and then I did some Fan Fest writing. I just got approved to write up the reviews for Orphan Black so I’m feeling all types of pumped about that (if you want to read my stuff at Fan Fest you can click here. Newest pieces are at the top of the page).

I am working on an apology piece to Dumbledore but I haven’t gotten to it yet and feel that I need to read the Half Blood Prince to really get that one shaped out. Since I’m still reading, and very much enjoying, Yes Please , it will have to wait a bit.

I’m just feeling kind of listless (I said that already didn’t I?). Not sure what to do with my night. I could always start something on Netflix, I have been entertaining the idea of the 100 or re-watching Breaking Bad, but not sure if I want to commit to that stuff yet. It’s weird because a part of me just wants to sit in my chair and stare off into space. Weird right?

I wish I had more for you Geeklings but the Fan Fest stuff kind of wiped me of coherent thought. I’m open to suggestions to what to do with my night. I could watch the last few episodes of last seasons Game of Thrones to prep for next week but even that doesn’t have me excited. Or just sit here until my eyes wave white flags which is something I’m leaning towards.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the Week In Geek and kick start the week into high gear. Until then Geeklings enjoy your Sunday and may your Monday be painless. Maybe bring something geeky to work with you in order to fend off the Mondays. Don’t tell anyone about it either. It could be your secret shield to the start of the work week. It’ll be our little secret. I promise.

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