The Happiest Song On Earth

I’ve spent the majority of today dealing with a bit of a hang over. Actually it’s the first hang over I’ve had in months, not for a lack of trying, and when it was time to write a post for today I ended up falling asleep to Captain America: The First Avenger instead. Needless to say any energy I had about writing a full post went out the window with said nap.

That leaves us in a fun position. If I’m not writing a full post then what exactly is it that I am writing? Well I’m not entirely sure to be honest. I guess I’m just checking in and saying “hi it’s Saturday and I’m writing but I don’t have much to say”. But I can’t just leave it like that.

So, how about this? Why don’t I leave you guys with the happiest song on Earth? Yeah I think that’s what I’ll do. Have a great rest of the weekend see you all tomorrow.

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