My Graphic Novel Problem

Hawkeye vs. Deadpool 000-000Earlier this week you might remember I told you I merged my Amazon and Comixology accounts because it seemed like a no brainer. I can buy graphic novels cheaper on Amazon and have them automatically download into my Comixology app? Yes please. Welllllllll that’s seeming to be an issue because I have a bit of a problem. Since I merged the two, which I think was like Sunday or Monday, I have bought four different graphic novels. Four. In less then a week. Despite the fact that I have tons of comics to catch up on (I think at this point I’m three story arcs behind Amazing Spider-Man). But how could I say no? They were cheap… or cheaper. It all started with Hawkeye vs Deadpool which, if I’m speaking honestly, is more or less the reason I merged the accounts. I saved seven dollars on that purchase. Yes please.

515+A0ri85L._SX323_BO1,204,203,200_For starters I’ve wanted to read the Jessica Jones: Alias book ever since I binged Jessica Jones, but I didn’t want to spend the twenty dollars on it. I kept waiting for it to go on sale and it didn’t so I just kept an eye out. Then I go to Amazon and find it at half the price?! Well yes of course I’m going to download it. When will I read it? No idea. Seriously not a clue. The last graphic novel I downloaded to Comixology was the first volume of Captain Marvel (about a year ago) and I still haven’t read it. Although I want it done by the summer (because volume two is cheaper on Amazon in case I want to read that too! I have a problem.)

517es9poqELWith Civil War looming it’s only natural that Comixology would have a Captain America sale. Duh. Naturally I would be inclined to take a peek. Just a peek nothing more… except……. I bought two books. Two. To add to the others I haven’t read. But hear me out because they were steals. Ed Brubaker wrote some of my favorite Captain America stories. I more or less devoured the Death of Captain America series and the art is fantastic. His Winter Solider story arc was one of the books on sale, and I wanted to read it. I haven’t read a Captain America story in forever and I’m excited about the movie so $4.99 later it’s now downloaded on to my app. And it makes me want to watch the movie tonight. I’m actually considering reading comics all night while it plays in the background. Of course when it ends I’ll switch to Guardians of the Galaxy which I’m kind of itching for too. I’m debating whether alcohol will be involved…you know that new diet and all (and I wonder why I’m alone).

Bucky_Barnes_The_Winter_Soldier_Vol_1_4I wasn’t done there though. Feeding off my Winter Solider high I saw that the first volume of Bucky Barnes: The Winter Solider was also selling for cheap and I read the premise and was curious, and it was ever so cheap… it’s now in my app too. I’m so weak.

The only explanation I can provide is I love comics. Plain and simple. I want to read all of them. Well not all of them but just the ones I’m interested in or partly interested in providing they’re on sale. And I love as those comics wait in the wings for me to get to them, but with these recent four purchases and the newest volume of the Walking Dead sitting on my coffee table too, something tells me I’m going to be having myself a binge reading fest some time real soon. I can’t wait.

Side Note: Oh crap! I totally forgot I didn’t get to watch the season premier of Oprhan Black last night! I changed my cable plan and lost BBC America and only re-discovered this when I went to watch my DVR. Needless to say I was not pleased. Fear not though I bought the season pass on itunes (it was cheaper than changing my cable plan actually) and have the first episode waiting for me when I get home. Looks like Winter Solider will have to wait until I after I watch that. My life is clearly difficult and very adult.

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