My Geeky Valentine’s


In some ways doesn’t it seem that Valentine’s Day was created to make single people feel more lonely, sad, and less loved? That’s one of the things I dislike most about this Hallmark holiday, even when I was in a relationship. There’s something about February 14th that makes people feel like less, and I think that’s awful. For those of you who are in relationships, or have been, you probably know that you should express love for your mate every day not just on some made up holiday. That’s one of the greatest parts about being in a relationship, doing things just because. You don’t need a day during one of the coldest months of the year to tell you to love your significant other. Just do it.

For those of you who are single and have no one to spend today with don’t be discouraged. Why should you be? There are many different forms of love besides the one that coincides with getting bizay. I say spend the day with the people that you love the most and celebrate your friendships and connections. If you can’t do that give them a call and just have a conversation. Maybe it’ll help you feel less alone. And if that doesn’t help then why not spend today loving yourself (not like that… well if you feel the need but I don’t want to know about it that’s for you only). Despite how today might make you feel you need to remind yourself that you’re pretty awesome. I say have a complete “me” day (“you” day?) and do things that you love doing. #treatyoself (I have been watching a lot of Parks and Rec).

Allow me to map out my day for you. I currently am a single guy who has no plans for Valentine’s Day. Is it a bummer? Sure. Is it the end of the world? Not even a little bit because I have things planned to celebrate me and the people closest to me. Here is the map of my geeky Valentine’s Day.

  1. I woke up this morning and forced myself out of bed and into my chair which is the center piece of my Lair of Comfy. I grabbed my book and spent the early parts of the morning finishing Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Right away I’m catching up with some old friends and relaxing. On top of that the endings of all the Harry Potter books give me those stirring of feels. I also would like to add that The Chamber of Secrets is in serious contention to being one of my favorite Harry Potter books.

2. I went on Instagram and hoped around people’s pictures until I found my way on to the Pop Vinyl account. They have been releasing images of upcoming Pops all weekend, it’s the NYC Toy Fair, and I have literally seen about fifteen Pops that I need. Planning Pops purchases was fun and in order to like things on Instagram you have to give out hearts which fits the criteria of Valentine’s Day. Boom!  (P.S. you can follow me on Instagram @iamgeek32 there are tons of geeky stuff there and pictures of Hudson the Cat)

3. I’ll be heading to my sisters place in a little while to watch Zombeavers and do some laundry (the people of the world say thank you for the clean unmentionables Jen!). What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with one of my favorite people and watching what is sure to be a craptacular B horror movie. I mean the beavers are zombies people. How can this possibly be bad?!

4. Once that is complete I shall go out to dinner with my Mom where I’ll talk about geeky things and she’ll pretend to care. Or we’ll just have a nice time eating some good grub.

5. Following the completion of dinner it’s home in time to watch the return of The Walking Dead and have a glass or three of wine. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day than watching fictional characters be eaten by zombies whilst drinking red wine? Plus being a fan of the comics I’m kind of curious if they’re going to pull the trigger on one of the bigger moments to come out of this story arc. I don’t want to say too much but I’d keep an eye open for it (hehehehe).

6. Post zombie mayhem it’ll be time for the Talking Dead while I try and catch up on some comic books. I have been a neglectful comic book reader and I’ve got tons of books to catch up on. Not a bad way to fill an hour.

7. To bring the night to a close I’m going to flip a coin and see if I’ll be watching more Parks and Rec or starting my new book, Duma Key by Stephen King. There are few things in this world greater to me than opening up a new Stephen King book. It’s like coming home.

So there you have it Geeklings. That’s my Valentine’s Day in a nutshell. If you’re feeling lonely because the 14th got you down I say flip it around and make it about you! Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about love and it’s more then okay to spend the day loving yourself (again not like that… well if you choose to love yourself like that maybe not all day. Come up for air and hydrate). I think you’re great and you should too! Keep your head up and don’t let the day get you down, and for those of you spending today with a special someone I hope you have wonderful, love filled nights.

Happy Valentine’s Day fellow Geeklings! Hearts and kitten whiskers to you all.

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