My Geeky Happening


Today I had one of those “I’m proud to be open with my geekness moments”. I had to run to the bank and do bank like things. The temperature had yet to drop to “your face may literally fall off” cold, so I was just rocking my S.T.A.R. Labs hoodie (which you can see in the above picture. I took this picture the day it arrived. I may have been a little excited.). I waited for the teller to call me over because I know how to bank properly, and as I approached he looked at my hoodie and said “That’s a really cool sweatshirt. I mean sweater.” I was not going to correct him on what he chooses to call my attire, it’s his world and I’m not here to ruin in, instead I said thank you (because I know how to human properly) and asked him if he had been watching The Flash. What followed was a fun three minute conversation about the show and the events transpiring on Earth-2. I finished my banking, told him to have a good day, and went on my way.

For me, the whole exchange was awesome. I love when people notice my geeky attire, and feel comfortable enough with their geekiness to comment on it. I don’t know anything about this guy, as a matter of fact I failed to even look at his name tag (sorry bank employee), but together for three minutes we were able to geek out together about The Flash. Stuff like that is fun for me. I like bridging those gaps and finding people, in unlikely geeky situations, who happen share similar interests.

I guess the moral of the story is don’t suppress your geekdom fellow Geeklings. If you see someone who is sporting something that hints at his/her geekdom don’t be afraid to approach them or comment on it. Bridge those gaps. Because the fact of the matter is people want to discuss them, even if it’s only for three minutes. I think it’s bigger than just being fellow geeks, but more like making people feel like they’re visible. Next time you see someone who is in the world being geeky throw them a comment or a head nod of approval. Who knows, maybe you’ll make their day.

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