Week In Geek 2/15/2016

What better way to kick off the week then a three day weekend?! I don’t know about you guys but I spent the majority of my day being pretty lazy and getting my relax on. I was still recovering from the awesomeness of the last nights Walking Dead (I’d say hands down one of the best episodes of the series), and had a handful of episodes left to finish season Four of Parks and Rec (I didn’t choke up at the finale, why would you ask?), so needless to say I took it easy today. Not to brag I even managed to work in a nap. I never get to do that #livingthedream. Let’s get down to it shall we?

1. Daredevil Season 2 Trailer- Season One of Daredevil helped purge that awful movie from our memories but also set the bar pretty high. Netflix helped take Daredevil back to his roots and produced a show that was highly gritty and violent, not to mention excellently acted and fantastically paced. Before Jessica Jones I would have said that Daredevil was easily the best TV product Marvel had going. Today saw the release of the first full trailer for the upcoming season, and it looks like Daredevil is looking to set the bar again. The inclusion of the Punisher has me pumped, especially because he’s being played by Jon Bernthal (you’ll remember him as Shane from the Walking Dead and his kick ass role in Fury). Bernthal knows how to capture intensity and rage and the Punisher has volumes of it. This might be the first time that us comic geeks will get the on screen Punisher we deserve. The music used made me think of Boondock Saints for some reason, plus I totally dug the badass nature of the “You hit ’em and they get back up. I hit ’em and they stay down.” I imagine that part two of this trailer (expected at the end of the month) will focus more on Elektra. This was not a bad way to jump start my morning.

Duma_whole2. Duma Key by Stephen King- I said it yesterday and stand by it, opening up a new Stephen King book is like coming home. I have read the majority of his novels, and tons of short stories, and each story is more inventing than the last. The universe he has crafted speaks to me more than any other writer and I say thank ya big big. While I’m currently only a hundred pages into Duma Key, barely scratching the surface as this book is over 800 pages long, I’m loving the feel. There is something brooding underneath the character development and vivid descriptions. Something lurking behind the shadows so to speak and yes I’m aware of how cliche that sounds when talking about a Stephen King book. Reviews stated that Duma Key is one of his more frightening books in some time so I’m ready for him to turn the terror up to eleven. I sometimes don’t mind sleeping with the lights on.

IMG_1617IMG_16063. Upcoming Pop Vinyls- This weekend was the NYC Toy Fair and I couldn’t keep my eyeholes away from the Pop Vinyl instagram account. It seemed like every thirty seconds they were updating more and more of this years upcoming Pops. My only complaint was there has still been no images of the LOST Pops, I guess it doesn’t matter because I’ll most likely end up buying all of them. From Spider-Gwen to the Suicide Squad all the way to the new series of Game of Thrones to Braveheart I’m pretty sure that a fair amount of my adult dollars is going to Pop Vinyls this year.

saul-art14. Better Call Saul season 2- I really enjoyed the first season of Better Call Saul mostly, at first, because it was great to return to the Breaking Bad universe. Those opening ten minutes of the series played as a fun (but also sort of depressing) epilogue to Breaking Bad seeing Saul as a manager of a Cinnabuns just like he predicted. From there the performances of Bob Odenkirk and Jonathan Banks (if you’re a Breaking Bad fan please, please, please watch the episode Five-0. Masterful) pulled me in. The show became something more than just a Breaking Bad spin-off. While we know how things end up for Jimmy (Saul) it’s almost sad knowing this transformation is looming. Jimmy isn’t such a bad guy, and maybe we could argue that Saul wasn’t the worst but he definitely blurred the line, and it’s a credit to Odenkirk’s performance here that makes the transformation into Saul sort of heart breaking.

5. New Game of Thrones teaser- With Winds of Winter no where on the horizon I guess it’s safe to say that anything could happen on this season of Game of Thrones. The new teaser trailer that was released yesterday certainly helped convey that feel as well as being very ominous and brooding. I wonder with the way things ended last season if we’ll actually get a full trailer going into this season or if HBO will keep throwing teasers at us. I almost hope that it’s nothing but teasers, adds to the fun. What’s not fun is the inner struggle I’m having of whether to watch or not. The fact that I even have to have this debate makes me pissed off at George RR Martin all over again.

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