When Books Attack- Should I Re-Read Harry Potter?!

Ugh, just when I thought I had a reading plan for the rest of the year the Mrs. and I start watching the Harry Potter movies and I start wondering… should I be re-reading the Harry Potter books?

Which becomes an issue for me. Right now, I’m elbows deep in the first First Law trilogy. Fun fact, our good friend Kyle was very much on point about you needing to read these books. They slap, and I’ve barely scratched the surface. At this point, I have a hundred and fifty pages left in the third book of the first trilogy with only six books left to read. Three standalone and then a whole new trilogy. It’s an undertaking. A highly enjoyable and violent undertaking though. I’ve reached the point of if I don’t finish this book before I go back to work on Wednesday then I’ll have to wonder if this mini-vacation was even worth it… I mean, of course, it was but I’m trying to sound dramatic here people.  

P.S.- I’m on a mini-vacation and it was beyond needed.

Anyway, my plan of attack was to finish this third book and then read something else that is collecting virtual dust on my Gandalf the Kindle bookshelf. From there it would be a standalone novel in the First Law world and kind of rotate back and forth until it was time to start the final trilogy. Which I would probably read straight through because it’s time to stop messing around. That was the plan. I was happy with that plan. It’s a good plan. A plan that probably would have taken me through August… perhaps September? But any reader will tell you, every book plan is a good plan until you’re introduced to another book.

Honestly, do I need to re-read the Harry Potter books? No. But watching the movies again and I can’t help but feel that pull of the world of Hogwarts. Maybe pull is too strong of a word. Perhaps it’s a tug or maybe a persistent, but not annoying, continuous tap on the shoulder. Enough to make me wonder if it’s time to crack those books open again and say hello to some old friends.

Of course, my first thought is how badly this will throw off the rest of my reading plan. What am I going to do, alternate First Law books and Harry Potter books?! I mean there are worse plans but I’ve got a ton of books that I’m excited about reading and I feel like they should take top priority. Doing something like that will prevent me from reading books like Star Wars Skywalker- A Family At War, The Southern Book Club’s Guide To Slaying Vampires, Recursion, and on and on and on and on and on the list goes. Countless amounts of books on Gandalf the Kindle just waiting for their time to shine.

Maybe I can read a Harry Potter book every other month? It would allow for me to continue my First Law journey while still taking on other books. That’s a plan or maybe, I should finish The Deathly Hallows Part II tonight with the Mrs., then finish the Last Argument of Kings, and just move ahead with my original reading plan as planned and see what happens. Maybe the desire to re-read the Harry Potter books will evolve from a tug or shoulder tap to a grabbing me by both shoulders while yelling “YOU GOT TO READ ME NOW”. An escalation I would be powerless not to listen to.

Or maybe, I’ll get distracted by a million other books… send help or suggestions to the comments or over on Twitter @iamgeek32.

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