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Hello Geeklings! We’re going to try something a little different today and bring in a special guest poster…. whaaaaaaat???!! I’ve been toying around with the idea of expanding I Am Geek and bringing other writers in to share their geeky goodness, and I thought to myself why not try implementing new writers before the expansion. Once the thought was in my head there was little doubt that it was going to happen so I reached out to today’s guest and talked her into it a bit (she originally wanted to wait till Thursday before changing her mind). Hoping to bring a sense of community, a different voice, and a shared sense of geekdom. So without further ado I present to you our guest poster…


My sister Jen! I’ll let her take it from here and I’ll see all of you tomorrow.

Hello fellow I Am Geek fans!  Today is a special day as  Kevin, your Geek leader here on I am Geek , has asked me to be the first guest poster. I am sure many of you know of me as Kevin’s sister, as he has mentioned me before in his blogs (some may say I am his muse but not in a weird way), but I’m here to chat with you guys about my love for the one an only Harry Potter, and how I want to incorporate Harry Potter into my life always (see what I did there?).

IMG_3308But first  a little bit about myself to help the topic along. I have a husband named Paul ( Hi babe!!!) and a very handsome doggy named Brody ( Hi buddy!!!), and we live in a  fun home near your geek leader Kevin. Recently my husband Paul and I started the adoption process, and  we are are super excited. Kevin says he’s very excited to teach our child how to geek the right way. So, since we are in the early stages will most likely not know the sex of the baby which could lead to some decorating issues. I’ve decided that I want to make a gender neutral themed nursery but none of the boring yellow and green or animals (not knocking anyone who has done that…just not my style). Here is where that Harry Potter love comes in because I want to make a Harry Potter themed nursery.

IMG_3311I am very big into Pinterest and it has helped my obsession come even more alive. There are, like, so many cool ideas. I want to paint the Marauders Map on the sliding  closet doors, and have Hogwarts as a backdrop behind the babies bed. They will grow up seeing Hogwarts everyday! How cool is that? I’m actually super jelly (maybe Paul and I will paint Hogwarts in our room? Hmmmm… babe sleep on that idea). I feel that the books should be placed on a shelf next to the Sorting Hat where they will wait in anticipation for the day that they will be read to our child.  Not to mention the day our child will wear the hat and be sorted into a house. If you’re wondering, I am a Hufflepuff and Paul is a Slytherin. The possibilities of greatness for our baby are endless.

It would take me days to explain how awesome this nursery is going to be, but feel free to check out Pinterest as most of the ideas came from there.

Thank you for the opportunity to discuss my awesome Harry Potter nursery idea with you. I hope some of you out there will embrace this idea and have a great wizard or witch in your household!

2 thoughts on “Special Guest Poster

  1. Hi Jen. I’m almost 20 but y’all can adopt me because I want parents who respect the nerdy lifestyle and what’s more is I also want a Harry Potter bedroom.


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