I’ll Leave This Right Here

Geeklings, I have had a long day filled with a looooooooooong lasting headache. There have been a few times today where I have felt that I have gained victory over this constant head pain but alas it was not so. This pain has been persistent in wanting to stay with me all day, and I’m finally just giving in to the fact that it is now a resident in my brain. Lucky me.

With that being said tonight will bring to you a short post with a promise of a longer post on the horizon. If it makes you feel any better I can’t even watch Orphan Black because the idea of watching and taking notes (for the Fan Fest review) make me think my face will explode. But I did want to leave you guys with something because that’s the kind of guy I am.

I finished the Half-Blood Prince today, a day sooner then I expected mind you, and I am filled with all the feels. I won’t get into too much of it right now but I suspect that the Half-Blood Prince is my new favorite Harry Potter book, and has me questioning my stance on certain things. That’s not entirely true either. It was around book five that I started thinking about a certain post I made some time in January where I took a certain character to task for his behavior. As I finished the book today, again with all of the feels, it dawned on me that I was all types of wrong. Right in some areas but mostly wrong.

This revelation will lead to a larger post, naturally, when I have the energy to write it. Most likely tomorrow at some point after I watch Orphan Black and write a review and get myself a new lokai bracelet as mine broke this morning (I’m secretly blaming how crappy I feel on that). Until then allow me to leave you with a little bit of a teaser for the upcoming post because it’s about time that I apologize… to Dumbledore.


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