The Killing Joke Trailer

Today has been a very Batmany day with the release of Scott Snyder and Greg Cappullo’s final Batman issue (I speak about it some in my Fan Fest Pull List column) in addition to DC releasing the first full length trailer for The Killing Joke. Not to mention a couple of days ago Eddie Vedder released a version of the Batman theme sung by his daughter…. needless to say it’s been a good time to be a Batman fan.

I’m not going to stay long tonight Geeklings as I’m a little wiped from writing my Fan Fest stuff but I did want to break down some of the awesome things in the Killing Joke trailer because this thing looks like it’s going to be ten pounds of awesome in a five pound bag.

  • Right off the bat (pun intended) this looks to be a really loyal adaptation of the comic. When people talk about the most iconic Batman/Joker stories The Killing Joke is the top of the list and I’m glad to see that they’re taking that seriously. I feel making it an animated movie gives DC the most freedom to get it right. Not to mention their previous animations have been pretty excellent. They definitely beat Marvel in that department.
  • Bringing in Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill in to do the voice work ups the excitement factor through the roof. Literally. A number of people would count Conroy as the definitive Batman, and it would be a tough case to argue. After watching this trailer and playing the Arkham video games I would consider him in the top three for sure. Possibly top two. As for Hamill, his voice has become synonymous with the Joker and he has captured the Clown Prince better then anyone who isn’t Heath Ledger (Leto pending). That’s right kids he can do more than just Luke Skywalker.
  • Unlike the impending R rated version of BvS, I think the R rating here is 100% justified. The subject matter of The Killing Joke is heavy and unsettling. For those of you who haven’t read it, you’ve got some time before the Blu Ray comes out, read it! You won’t be upset. Giving the film an R rating allows the creators to really explore some of the darker elements that get alluded to in the comic. I don’t expect this R to come from cursing, I rather expect it to be more for the visuals. Things get rough Geeklings
  • The ending. I don’t want to spoil it for those of you who haven’t read it but I was talking with my friend Taylor about the fact that Conroy and Hamill will be participating in that ending and it’s worth the price of admission alone. Goose  bumps.
  • My only complaint is that no date has been issued. Summer 2016 is too vague. Give me a date DC! You already have my money for Christs sake.


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