So, The Oscar Noms Were Announced Today…

… but let’s be honest, how much of your day was impacted by this? Did you spend all day on social media talking about your favorite performances that either got nominated or snubbed? Did you start calculating the odds of what film will win Best Picture or who will win in what acting categories? Did you spend more than five minutes on The Oscars or did you casually scan … Continue reading So, The Oscar Noms Were Announced Today…

Do We Need A Breaking Bad Movie?

The internet is a fun and interesting place… most times. When it’s not being a toxic sewer attempting to damn your soul. Although, I tend to stay away from those areas. Sure, it’s on Twitter but I don’t engage. Like, I see it but move on. I try to focus on the positive fun side of the internet… yes, such a thing exists and no, … Continue reading Do We Need A Breaking Bad Movie?

Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown

In the grand scheme of the things two weeks really isn’t a long time. It’s only fourteen days. Granted two weeks is what it takes for one to understand that the New York Football Giants season is going to be a mess, but as far as waiting goes, it’s not that long. Unless you’re Marvel fan. When Entertainment Weekly dropped our first look at Captain … Continue reading Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown

Funko Saves the Day

Geeklings, today was one of those “meh” days, and it started pretty early. For starters my local theater kind of pulled the old scrooge-a-roo on me last night. You see, Wednesday I stopped by to see if they would be doing a late Thursday night showing of Black Panther and the manager told me no. I was bummed. If you’ve been reading I Am Geek for awhile then you … Continue reading Funko Saves the Day

Everything Coming Up Marvel

Did anyone else wake up to more snow than they expected? Considering I went to bed considering there would be no snow, it was quite the unwelcomed surprise seeing about four to five inches covering the land. It was the perfect amount of annoying snow too. Not enough to cancel work. Just enough to make the morning commute crappy and my shoes wet. How splendid. Moving beyond … Continue reading Everything Coming Up Marvel

The Very Real World of Comic Book Spoilers

I have been reading comic books for a long time. If you frequent the site then that shouldn’t really surprise you and if you’re new to the site, hiiiiiii won’t you please stick around and check out our archives. While my wallet often protests the number of comics that I read, I can’t help but ignore it. I love the medium. Comic books are where some of my … Continue reading The Very Real World of Comic Book Spoilers

To Loot Crate or Not To Loot Crate?

Geeklings, I am poised with one massive moral dilemma. A dilemma so huge that it could shake the very core of I Am Geek…  Nah, it’s not that big of a dilemma, hell, it’s probably not even a real dilemma but it’s something. A question? A predicament? A plight? Yes, I totally thesaurused “dilemma” for those bonus words. Here’s the situation, I was going through Twitter today… or maybe it … Continue reading To Loot Crate or Not To Loot Crate?