Do We Need A Breaking Bad Movie?

The internet is a fun and interesting place… most times. When it’s not being a toxic sewer attempting to damn your soul. Although, I tend to stay away from those areas. Sure, it’s on Twitter but I don’t engage. Like, I see it but move on. I try to focus on the positive fun side of the internet… yes, such a thing exists and no, none of this really has anything to with this column. These are just bonus stray observations. You’re welcome.

Getting back to what I was talking about, if you’ve been on the internet the last couple of days, whether it be social media or whatever sites you frequent, you might have noticed a certain rumor that has been circulating, picking up traction, and getting people to collectively rub their chins in thought. If the rumors are true it appears that we’re going to be getting a Breaking Bad movie helmed by Vince Gilligan himself. Yeah, that’s some pretty big stuff.

Nothing has been confirmed but this would be Breaking Bad movie is set to film in Albuquerque, the exact location of the Breaking Bad universe, will start filming mid-November and go until February, and is going under the working title Greenbrier. Granted, this working title literally means nothing as most top secret projects go by fake names to try and prevent leaks, but it’s the location of the film and it’s synopsis that all but confirm that Greenbrier is going to be a Breaking Bad movie.

Greenbrier will center around a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.

This is a pretty huge give away if you think about it. When Breaking Bad closed its final season there was only one character who was (a) kidnapped and (b) in pursuit of freedom… Jesse Pinkman. Using my superior Batman like detective skills I can only draw the conclusion that this possible Breaking Bad film will be about Jesse Pinkman’s life post-Breaking Bad, and that raises two reactions. The first obviously being “yeah bitch!” but there’s a more important question to be asked here…

Do we need a Breaking Bad movie about Jesse Pinkman?

It’s a loaded question when you think about it. Breaking Bad is the greatest thing I’ve ever watched. Ever. Period with very little room for debate. The natural response is, of course, I want to see what happens to Jesse next. Not only do I want that but I need it in my life. I have been writing Better Call Saul reviews for three seasons now and have been sitting on the perfect way to incorporate Jesse into the show. Not all of Saul is a flashback, in fact, the show likes to play with time. This season alone we caught a glimpse of life after Breaking Bad for Saul (the black and white Gene timeline), life before (Jimmy McGill), and life during (Saul). Keeping that in mind it’s not beyond the realm of possibility to catch a glimpse of Jesse Pinkman, I always held on to the hope that it would be during the Gene timeline though.

Picture this if you will, Gene is closing his shift at Cinnabon, he’s incredibly strung out, as the doors are about to be locked a man and a child walk in to grab some food real quick. Gene makes eye contact with the man… it’s Jesse. The two instantly recognize each other but say nothing. Jesse orders his food, the two never break eye contact, and slowly leaves the Cinnabon. The tension is through the roof, we (the Breaking Bad universe) get to see that Jesse is okay, and the spiral of paranoia this will cause Gene/Saul will be astronomical. I have wanted this for four seasons and think it would be the perfect way to touch on the subject of post-Breaking Bad Jesse. It’s brief and impactful and all types of awesome. Fans would be geeking out hard if this ever happened. I know I would.

This brings us back to the question though, do we need a Jesse Pinkman sequel to Breaking Bad? The honest answer is no, we don’t. Outside of this little run in I created in my mind, I like thinking that Jesse got away. That he collected Brock and the two of them fled to Mexico together. When you think about it, Jesse would still be wanted by the police so he’s on the run. Once you make a movie you give people definitive answers, and when those definitive answers don’t match up with people’s imaginations you risk isolating the fan base. If you need further proof of this just look at The Last Jedi, speaking of the internet as a toxic place.

Then again, I didn’t think we really needed a Saul Goodman prequel series and I couldn’t have been any more wrong about that. Better Call Saul isn’t only a tremendous narrative that expands the Breaking Bad universe but it’s a fine piece of television/storytelling. I would go so far as to say it’s one of the best things on television right now. It takes a one-note character like Saul Goodman and completely re-creates him. Now when you re-watch Breaking Bad there’s a great deal of emotion to be found in Saul Goodman and the demise of Jimmy McGill. It’s brilliant and brought to life by tremendous acting, writing, and show running from Peter Gould and, you guessed it, Vince Gilligan.

If there is anyone I have faith in to make the Breaking Bad movie not only succeed but resonate it’s Vince Gilligan. No one understands these characters or this universe more. Better Call Saul could easily have been a money grab riding on the coattails of the massive success of Breaking Bad. A strike while the iron is hot type moment, but Gilligan doesn’t operate that way. His main objective is to the narrative. To the story. If he’s going to put something out and connect it to the Breaking Bad universe it has to mean something. He must have a story to tell otherwise we wouldn’t be here talking about Greenbrier. That alone is enough to peak my interest. Vince Gilligan feels the need to tell a Jesse Pinkman story… why wouldn’t I want to watch that?

If Better Call Saul is any indication this won’t be a movie designed to drop easter eggs or re-create the narrative. Don’t expect Walter White to come back from the dead. It’s not going to happen. His story is over but the ripple effects of his actions are still being felt. We saw that this season in Saul with Jimmy getting ready to flee the aftermath of Heisenberg being discovered by the police. Is it possible that he shows up? Maybe in flashback? Or perhaps in a tape, he left behind for Jesse? It’s not like he hasn’t recorded a confession tape before. Sure, that’s possible but I wouldn’t bank on it. If this movie is happening the shadow of Heisenberg will loom large but this will ultimately be Jesse’s journey for redemption. Expect him to find Brock and the two of them to start a makeshift family. I also expect Jesse to somehow bring money to Mike’s granddaughter, that’s the one thing he wanted to do more than anything as he exited the game. In some ways, I think it’s the only way Jesse feels like he can be absolved of all his sins. This will be a movie about redemption that could include Jesse being chased by the law and the Nazis thirsty for revenge in the wake of Walter’s attack. There’s a potential story here. The question is do we really need it.

With Gilligan calling the shots, I’m having a hard time saying no.

What do you think Geeklings? Are you excited about a potential Breaking Bad movie? What would you want to see happen with Jesse’s story now that he’s free? Sound off in the comments or if you want to talk Greenbrier, Better Call Saul, and/or Breaking Bad you can find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. It looks like our time with Breaking Bad isn’t completely done and as I’ve sat here writing this column it’s been tough to keep the grin away and the voice in the back of my head quiet… yeah bitch!

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