Bold Super Bowl Pop Culture Predictions

You would think as a fan of the New York Football Giants that this time of year would be a bit of a bummer for yours truly. That I would have zero interest in football and would rather spend most of my time either reading comics, binge-watching television, or any. Other. Thing. Than. Watching. Football. And while that seems sort of logical it isn’t the case at all. That actually happened around week, uh, the second Eagles game and then again during the Titans game. After that, I just kind of went numb until the end of football season before switching into playoff mode. All this is a long way of saying that I am incredibly excited for this year’s Super Bowl despite how poorly the New York Giants treat me.

As a football fan, there are a ton of great storylines going into the game. The start of the Patriots dynasty was with a Super Bowl win against the, then, St. Louis Rams. A win here would be an incredible way to bookend almost twenty years of dominance. A loss would also be an interesting way to bookend that dynasty while opening the door for a change in guard… hopefully.

You’ve also got the new blood/old blood story between New England genius coach Bill Belichick and Ram’s coach Sean McVay. Can Belichick pull one more Super Bowl win out and cement and an already insane legacy or will thirty-three year old Sean McVay single that there’s a change within the league? This might actually be the most important matchup in the game. The field will essentially just be a giant chess board as two brilliant minds duel each other. I’m here for it.

Now, I’m sure there are some of you reading this wondering, “when did this become a sports site?” and my answer to you is that it’s always kind of been a sports site I just bury it within geeky subjects. That is neither here nor there because I’m sure there are a bunch of you who could care less about Super Sunday. Or there are some of you who will watch but for everything but the game, which brings us to today’s column!

I’m here Geeklings, to make a number of bold Super Bowl pop culture predictions. I have zero knowledge that any of these things are going to happen, and if the majority of my predictions come true I would like to be worshiped as a pop culture guru much like Jenny McCarthy on Masked Singer.  It was tough to type that with a straight face. Seriously though, if these turn out to be correct you’re not going to hear the end of it.

On the flipside, I imagine that a number of these predictions are going to be wrong, but that’s why we come here. To speculate and theorize and get excited for all things pop culture. On top of that, I needed a column topic for today and this is the one I landed on.

Quick side note before we jump into these… the Rams are going to beat the Patriots. I think it’ll be close but at the end of the day, we’re heading into a new era of the NFL. A new era lead by tight-panted super genius, Sean McVay.

Prediction time!

  • We will get tv spots for both Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame. Marvel has a long history of giving us new teasers during the Super Bowl. They did it with Civil War and again with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. There is no reason to believe they won’t do it again here.
  • I don’t expect DC to be quiet but I’m not entirely sure what we could catch a glimpse of. We keep hearing about this second Shazam! trailer but I’m starting to wonder if that recent teaser is all we’re getting. Of course, we could catch a glimpse of Doom Patrol on the DC Universe app in hopes of getting subscriptions up. But I think my money is going to be on our first look of the upcoming Joker movie. I just got a feeling on this one. Maaaaaaybe the new Wonder Woman? Maybe.
  • Image result for stranger things season 3 posterA Stranger Things season three trailer! Think allllllll the way back to season two of Stranger Things. When did we get our first look at that? Say it with me, during the Super Bowl. We got a poster. We got a date. Maybe it’s time that Netflix gives us some footage too. Please. Just give us something Netflix.
  • I know this one is a reach before I even say it, but how about a trailer and a release date for Last of Us 2. I would be so here for that even though it’s not very likely.
  • As far as commercials go, we already know that The Dude is going to make an appearance. Who else from our pop culture past could we expect to see? Everyone keeps talking about this The Office reunion, is it possible that we get a commercial that unites a majority of the big cast? And then there’s an extended commercial online? Come on, who wouldn’t freak out for two to three minutes of new Office material?
  • Remember last year when Netflix dropped an entire Cloverfield movie after the Super Bowl? No trailer. Nothing. Just boom game’s over check out this Cloverfield Is it possible for them to do something similar this year? A new top secret movie project or perhaps an entire season of a show?
  • You know what we haven’t seen a lot of… Star Wars. There has been zero info on Episode IX, besides Anthony Daniels recently wrapping. How insane would it be for Disney to drop a teaser trailer during the big game?! I know I would tell everyone in our viewing party to shut the hell up, and probably make an attempt to rewind it before realizing I could just go online and find it.
  • Disney also has a streaming service coming out later this year. It might be in their best interest to let the general public know or maybe give us a look at some of those upcoming project. Not to make the Super Bowl all about Disney but they do own the free world so it makes sense.
  • I’d also be happy learning more about this Breaking Bad I don’t think they’ve started filming but maybe a teaser trailer with old footage? Or do something along the lines of what Birds of Prey did yesterday? I don’t know… how about some clarity here?
  • Image result for game of thrones season 8Oh man, Game of Thrones. I stand by what said here about not wanting a full trailer, but that doesn’t mean I won’t watch one either. HBO has said that a trailer, much like Winter, is coming. What better place to drop that than during the Super Bowl.
  • Doritos will most likely have the best commercial of the night… unless that Office thing actually happens.
  • The Half Time Heat NXT match has the potential to not only be better than the Maroon 5 halftime show but the game itself. Just stating facts here.

There you have it Geeklings, these are my bold pop culture Super Bowl predictions. What do you think? Am I on to something or am I out of the park here? What are your bold predictions? Sound off in the comments or throw me a line on Twitter @iamgeek32. I’ve got a feeling I’m going to hit on a bunch of these… then let the bragging begin!

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