Avengers Endgame Trailer Breakdown (It Actually Happened!)

It finally happened. I was starting to doubt its existence. I was really becoming comfortable with the idea that Infinity War was actually the trailer for Avengers 4. It was crazy enough that it might actually work, and to be honest with you guys I had become slightly exhausted and jaded with the waiting. You saw as the week went on as my sanity started to waver with the whole thing. #spoiledgeekproblems

But all that was for nothing as Marvel Studios decided to drop the Avengers 4 trailer today… while I was at the gym and couldn’t give it the attention I wanted to. Seriously, my phone more or less exploded with Tweets, Facebook tags, and text messages. The whole experience has been glorious and is everything I love about celebrating geeky things. I just wish I hadn’t been at the gym when it dropped. Do you know how hard it is to bottle emotion and facial reactions while you’re supposed to be using the elliptical? It’s tough Geeklings… it’s tough.

But without further delay, here is the trailer for Avengers: Endgame with some quick thoughts by yours truly.

  • First major question, why is Tony alone? Wasn’t he with Nebula on Titan? Did she leave him to pursue Thanos or is she on a different area of the ship? Also, is Stark using the Guardians ship? Looks like it, right?
  • I love how the trailer immediately taps into the emotional fallout of Infinity War. This should be heavy and it is.
  • Our first look at Endgame also gives nothing away and I’m so happy about that. I feel that the plot of this film needs to be protected at all costs. I want to walk into my midnight showing with as little knowledge as possible. Keeping the trailer as a way to show us how our heroes are doing emotionally was an excellent use of a first trailer.
  • EG 1
  • There’s a serious lack of Thanos here but his presence looms heavy. I loved the shot of the scarecrow uniform (straight out of the comics) and him walking through his fields Gladiator style. It helps keep Thanos as a major force. He’s a special character that shouldn’t be given away for free.
  • Clint Barton is Ronin. After much speculation, it seems that Hawkeye is gone and we are left with Ronin, a badass ninja looking version of Clint Barton. My immediate thought is that he loses his family in The Snap and has kind of gone off the deep end. Rogue. I wonder how much he actually knows about Thanos…
  • Did you notice that the major narration for the trailer was either done by Tony Stark or Steve Rogers? I’m right back on my Infinity War stress that one of them, maybe both (?!), are dying. For Christ sake, Cap is crying in one shot. I can’t do this Geeklings, I’m too weak.
  • Thor is grieving. I’ve got a feeling we’re going to see a Thor like we’ve never seen before. Asgard destroyed. Family and friends dead. Thanos kill shot didn’t actually kill. This will be a Thor with zero left to lose. What’s that going to be like?! Thanos has never fought him three times!
  • Missing from the trailer is Rocket and Captain Marvel… and Shiri. Banner is looking at a screen of all the missing heroes and her face comes up. Was she Snapped too?! Who is in charge of Wakanda? M’Baku?
  • EG 2
  • A desperate Captain America sounds like he’s on the verge of defeat. Apparently, the Avengers have a plan, that Black Widow is convinced will work, and it’s a good thing because if it doesn’t Cap doesn’t know what they’re gonna do. The stakes are high and it’s rough looking at a Cap who is broken like this. Seeing him check the compass with Peggy’s picture in it… tugs on the heartstrings. Hard.
  • Captain Marvel is going to save Tony, right? It’s the only reasonable theory at this point… I think.
  • Scott Lang is free from the Quantum Realm… but how?! I’m sticking with my time travel theory for now, but it’s good to see Scott get involved. He’s going to end up being the key to all this. 
  • Cap asking Black Widow if this is an old message also implies that there has been a bit of a time jump. It’s been rumored that Endgame will take place anywhere from three to five years after the Snap. That could be some wild stuff.
  • The release has been bumped up! No longer dropping in May, we’ll have Avengers Endgame April 26th!
  • Also, side note, Doctor Strange gave us the title of the movie right before he turned to dust. Just saying!

There you have it Geeklings, these are just the quickest of quick thoughts springing off the top of my head. I’m still in a bit of disbelief that the trailer actually dropped, and with rumors of a Spider-Man Far From Home trailer dropping at Brazil Comic-Con tomorrow… man, this could be some week for Marvel.

What did you think though? Sound off in the comments and let me know your biggest takeaways from the trailer. Were you happy? Excited? Did this hit you in the feels? What are your theories? Be sure to throw me a line on Twitter also (@iamgeek32), I’m always up for any MCU talk. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to watch this trailer on the big screen once or four times.

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