I Am Geek MCU Movie Rankings (Updated)

I’ve been quarantined or social distancing for close to four months at this point. Four. Months. That’s crazy. In four months, I’ve played a lot of Animal Crossing, I’ve binged a lot of television, we’re talking amounts that would be alarming to others, and I’ve read a number of books and graphic novels. In those four months, as previously discussed, I have not gone to … Continue reading I Am Geek MCU Movie Rankings (Updated)

Endgame: One Low Key #Fangirl’s Perspective  

by Tiffani Bennett Where do I begin?  No, seriously, where do I begin?  How do you even start a conversation about Endgame when there is so much to unpack?  I mean, it was a three-hour movie which has been building up over the past eleven years and twenty-one movies.  What else would you expect? Obviously, this column is about the whole movie so there are … Continue reading Endgame: One Low Key #Fangirl’s Perspective  

Avengers Endgame Review- A Love Letter of Epic Proportions

I’ve been a superhero fan ever since I was a child running around pretending to shoot webs out of my hand and stopping imaginary bad guys from robbing banks. My mother loves to tell the stories of me pretending to be Spider-Man and making the noises of the web. Thwip Thwip. It’s a story that always makes me feel warm and toasty inside. Part of it … Continue reading Avengers Endgame Review- A Love Letter of Epic Proportions

The Next Group of Avengers

Avengers Endgame is the end of an era. Eleven years of film making. Twenty-two movies within one connected cinematic universe. Everything we’ve been watching has been leading to this moment right here. Our original six Avengers are looking to avenge their fallen heroes and friends. To avenge a world that is left in complete disarray because Thor forgot to aim for the head. Thanos caught him monologuing and … Continue reading The Next Group of Avengers

Avengers Endgame Trailer Breakdown (It Actually Happened!)

It finally happened. I was starting to doubt its existence. I was really becoming comfortable with the idea that Infinity War was actually the trailer for Avengers 4. It was crazy enough that it might actually work, and to be honest with you guys I had become slightly exhausted and jaded with the waiting. You saw as the week went on as my sanity started to waver with the whole thing. … Continue reading Avengers Endgame Trailer Breakdown (It Actually Happened!)

My Road To Infinity War & What I Discovered

As soon as I knew that Infinity War was going to be a massive celebration of ten years worth of Marvel films I immediately thought, “man, I want to re-watch all of them before Infinity War drops”.  I’m compulsive that way. If we’re going to celebrate then my friends, let’s celebrate. I usually watch the same… five to seven MCU films over and over again and thought going in order could be a … Continue reading My Road To Infinity War & What I Discovered

Avengers Infinity Trailer TOMORROW

  Well, we didn’t have to wait long to find out when the Infinity War trailer is being released. Yesterday we discussed the Russo Brothers dropping hints of a possible trailer release and today we got the confirmation. The morning started off with the Russo’s releasing another image but this time of the number “2” making it seem that we were officially counting down days. Then Marvel … Continue reading Avengers Infinity Trailer TOMORROW

A Tale of Two Movies

I had grown a little frustrated with Marvel comics as of late. That’s not easy for me to admit, being an unabashed Marvel kid, but it was true. It started with the botching of Secret Empire, a series that started off as something daring and refreshing but ended with a generic Marvel crossover ending lacking any substance or consequence. The disappointment I felt was pretty real … Continue reading A Tale of Two Movies