My Road To Infinity War & What I Discovered

As soon as I knew that Infinity War was going to be a massive celebration of ten years worth of Marvel films I immediately thought, “man, I want to re-watch all of them before Infinity War drops”.  I’m compulsive that way. If we’re going to celebrate then my friends, let’s celebrate. I usually watch the same… five to seven MCU films over and over again and thought going in order could be a lot of fun.

When someone on the internet said that if you started the first week in January and watched one movie a week it would take you alllllllll the way up until Infinity War. This clearly sounded like the best idea ever. One Marvel movie a week? It’s like a little treat to look forward to and I had the full intentions of doing this. Except, life kind of gets in the way. I work for Fan Fest where I cover television shows that eat up a couple of nights a week. Plus there are other nights where I’m watching stuff or reading and I quickly found that this might not be as easy as I thought.

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Fast forward to February where the Adorable Creature and I finally decided to crack down and start the Road to Infinity War together. We actually started on our anniversary as it was raining and we had time to kill before a lovely dinner. We then proceed to play a massive game of catch up binge watching Marvel movies two to three a weekend, and it was a blast.

I would like to now share with you my Road to Infinity War and some of the thoughts I had while starting the journey all over again.

  • The original Iron Man holds up and it’s still incredible. They’ve really dialed back Tony’s, ummm, treating women as sexual objects (?) since this film but that Stark charisma was there from the get-go. Robert Downey Junior was born to play this role and I loved the grittiness of the film. It actually takes a while before that MCU shine works its way into the movies.
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  • Remember when Terrance Howard was Rhodey? Man, I bet that guy kicks himself for being such an asshat and getting replaced. #cheadleismywarmachine
  • Here’s another thing, I don’t think Coulson gets enough credit for his importance to the MCU. Those early films he was everywhere important and his death really was the catalyst that brought the group together. To be honest, I have really missed him showing up in these films and can’t wait to see him again in Captian Marvel. I really hope that Tony and the gang get to see him again before things hit the fan. That’s a reunion that will bring the feels.
  • Edward Norton was not a bad Hulk. I’d also go so far as to say that The Incredible Hulk isn’t the bastard child of the MCU that we make it out to be. This was like the second time I had watched it, maybe third, and I have to say that I enjoyed it more than I expected. With that being said #ruffaloismyhulk
  • The Iron Man sequels aren’t that bad. I used to rank II at the bottom of my MCU list and now it’s slightly higher. It’s actually higher than III. I think the main problem with them was the massive success of Iron Man and how the world needed more Tony Stark ASAP.
  • Image result for black widow mcuBlack Widow is one of the most underrated characters in the MCU. She needs a film like yesterday. I’m not a huge Scarlett Johanson fan but she really grows and expands this character wonderfully.
  • Thor, Odin, and Loki’s relationship are what make the first Thor.
  • The first Thor movie is the only MCU movie I didn’t see in the theaters and I have zero explanation as to why.
  • The Captain America movies are the shining beacon of the MCU. This is not something that should be left for debate. Chris Evans, as far as I’m concerned, is Captain America.
  • That first Avengers movie. That is all.
  • That is all if we can move past that first Captain America suit. Ugh, that thing was terrible.
  • While Joss Whedon gets a ton of credit for putting the MCU on the map I think we forget about John Favreau and his importance. This doesn’t happen without him. In fact, Favreau should be commended as they replaced him as director on Iron Man III but he stuck with Marvel despite that. I appreciate the hell out of that.
  • I’m telling you, the Mandarin isn’t as bad as you think. It’s kind of clever. Yes, it’s a letdown but it’s intriguing for sure. Or that could just be me.
  • Image result for guardians of the galaxyThe Guardians of the Galaxy make my heart happy. That first film has never, ever gotten old. In a lot of ways the Guardians are the heart and soul of the MCU and arrived at the perfect time. The film is refreshing, emotional, funny, action-packed, and opened up the MCU to a lot of things other than the cosmos. Guardians is one of the first MCU films to really resonate with me on an emotional level. While I appreciate Winter Solider and it’s importance, it’s 1A to Guardians.
  • Who would have thought Ant-Man would’ve worked but here we are. I don’t think it gets enough credit for how fun it is.
  • Civil War lives up to the hype. Not sure if there is anything in the MCU that matches that airport fight. Dear god.
  • Tom Holland is the Spider-Man we deserve. Homecoming was the Spider-Man movie of my dreams.
  • Circling back to the Guardians… Vol. 2 is a gem that doesn’t get enough credit and tackles some really, really heavy themes. We should talk about it more.
  • Doctor Strange is visually stunning and a great introduction to Strange but… I’m not in love with it. I’m still pissed with how they wasted Mads Mikkelsen. I’m not sure we need a Strange sequel but I would love if he kept showing up in other films.
  • Wakanda Forever… and ever, and ever, and ever. Give me more. Immediately.
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  • Ragnarok gets more and more enjoyable each time I watch it. That color pallet rivals the Guardians movies. As does the humor.
  • I think Ultron gets overlooked. Maybe cause we get so spoiled with the MCU but I have very little problems with the second Avengers movie.
  • Is Drax the funniest character in the MCU?

I think that about covers it… for now. Seriously, there’s not enough time for you to pull it off but if you haven’t traveled down the Road To Infinity War you need to change that stat. Your perspectives will change and you might hold a deeper appreciation for films that you only kind of liked before. Who knows what will happen once Infinity War tears our hearts out.

How man of you did the Road To Infinity War? What were your biggest take aways? Sound off in the comments or find me on Twitter @iamgeek32.

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