Thanos Demands Your Silence… and So Do I

Geeklings, I am now hours away from seeing Avengers Infinity WarHours. I mean, it’s twenty-three hours but it’s still less than a day and I am overcome with excitement. This is geek Christmas. This time tomorrow I’ll be sitting in a theater watching the film unfold. It’s boggling my mind and I couldn’t be happier. I want to watch all the MCU movies all at once. I want to take ridiculous pictures of my pop collection. I want to see this movie.

With that being said though, I know that not everyone can see the movie tomorrow. In fact, there will be some people who will be unable to see the movie this weekend. That bites and it sucks especially when the internet is such a scary place when it comes to spoilers. Which leads me to today’s post. Be kind to your fellow geeks. Spoilers are a terrible thing and everyone should be able to experience the movie as it was intended, spoiler free.

The Russos a couple of weeks ago started a hashtag that said “Thanos Demands Silence” and I’m going to adopt it here too. In the coming days, we’re all going to want to discuss this movie and unpack it and we should be able to. Just be mindful of where you do it (friends can see your comments even if they don’t follow those pages) to ensure everyone has the same experience.

This is Marvel’s gift to us, make sure everyone gets to open it.



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