Avengers Infinity Trailer TOMORROW


Well, we didn’t have to wait long to find out when the Infinity War trailer is being released. Yesterday we discussed the Russo Brothers dropping hints of a possible trailer release and today we got the confirmation.

The morning started off with the Russo’s releasing another image but this time of the number “2” making it seem that we were officially counting down days.

No automatic alt text available.

Then Marvel released this gem, that still gives me chills everytime I watch it, to confirm that the trailer would be dropping tomorrow.

Then, after this Marvel released this fun little wink and nudge to the spoiler history of Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo.

Before releasing the actual image of the poster…


Thus leaving us all waiting for tomorrow. First off, I have absolutely loved the way that Marvel and the Russo Brothers have handled the delivering of this trailer. As a matter of fact, I can’t think of a time where a movie trailer was treated with such pomp and circumstance. Everything about the Infinity War trailer seems important and Marvel is celebrating the magnitude of the film.

We’re about to unite the MCU for the first time. The Guardians of the Galaxy. Iron Man. Doctor Strange. Captain America. The Avengers. Spider-Man. All in one movie. Together. For the first time. Ten years of storytelling has lead us to this. That’s something totally worth celebrating and I’m happy to see Marvel pulling out all the stops.

I’ve heard rumors that the trailer will be released during Good Morning America while others think it could drop at midnight tonight or keep on pace with the Russo’s schedule and early tomorrow morning. At this point, I just want to see it. Marvel has done their job and done it well. Anticipation levels are hiiiiiiiiigggggghhhhh.

Tomorrow looks to be a game changer and you better believe that I Am Geek will be here later in the evening to break the trailer down. You would expect no less.

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