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Geeklings… Geeklings, holy effin’ crap. Did you watch it? Did you?! You had to have, right?! There’s no way that you guys have made it into the evening hours without seeing the most magnificent part of the day. Just in case you haven’t, even though I know you did, here it is. The Avengers Infinity War trailer!!!!!!

Alright, no more excuses. You’ve seen it. You’ve lived it. Who among you got chills? Anyone choke up? I might have… maybe. Listen, I’m not ashamed to say of course I did. For me, it’s that overwhelming feeling of excitement for something I love. I just can’t help it. On top of that, Black Panther says to get Captain America a shield and it killed me. Just all the feels at once right there.

But what about the rest of the trailer? There was an incredible amount of stand out moments, it almost seemed like the entire trailer was one entire standout moment. I have done nothing but talk about this trailer all day. Literally. I know people use the word literally when they really mean figuratively but I literally mean literally. I don’t think I’ve used the words “Thanos”, “Avengers”, “Infinity War”, or”Infinity Stones” more in my life. It’s gotten to the point where my phone knows to capitalize them now. Kind of what it does whenever I type in “Death Star”. And it’s not stopping there. I have a new episode of We Speak Geek to record tonight and we’re going to be discussing the trailer too. Nothing but Infnity War all day long.

Infinity War

But while I’ve got you guys, let’s point out some of my favorite moments of the trailer.

  • I’m going to start simply. The voiceover. Taking each one of these characters and have them say a line from the Avengers mantra. Nothing but chills. It was a simple and effective way to give the trailer weight.
  • Watching Peter’s Spidey Senses kick in. That was awesome. Plus the floating circle gate gave me kind of that District 9 type feel. It was a great way to introduce the impending doom of Thanos.
  • Let’s talk about Thanos for a moment because the slow burn for his arrival has been one of the greatest things the MCU has done. His arrival on earth with the Infinity Gauntlet…man, he seems like a force. Did you see him lay out Iron Man and Spidey? That shot of him straight up punching Iron Man in the face… this guy is a beast.
  • Loki, what are you doing? I really want to see Loki finally commit that hero turn but the God of Mischief doesn’t seem willing to follow through. The trailer clears up any questions of whether or not Loki took the Tesseract from Odin’s vault and we watch as he offers it up to Thanos. Ugh! Has he been working with Thanos this whole time or is this another situation where Loki understands where the power is and is willing to pick his moment?
  • Wakanda featured heavily in the trailer and it played as a nice reminder that the Black Panther movie is coming in February and it’s going to be important. I’m starting to believe that the last Infinity Stone is going to be found there. Just a theory but it would make sense with that epic battle unfolding there.
  • “Who the hell are you guys?” Well, Thor, that’s the freaking Guardians of the Galaxy. What a great way to end this trailer.

Seriously you guys, I could go on and on about this trailer. The Iron Spider Suit. That opening shot of Tony. The large amount of Doctor Strange. Did Widow and Banner just see each other for the first time since Ultron? Everything involving Captain America. We only got a glimpse but Infinity War already seems to be living up to the hype. This massive amount of hype.

What did you think Geeklings? Did the Infinity War trailer live up to expectations? What was your favorite part? Is it too early to start talking theories? No it’s not, duh. Sound off in the comments below, or on the Facebook page, or find me on Twitter @iamgeek32. I’m going to be taking a vacation over the next week, and I can’t promise that I’m going to get here to write. I can promise you that I’m going to try. In the meantime check the Facebook pages for memes and thoughts, and I’ll be all over Twitter.

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Keep watching! Let’s discuss…

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